Sunday Link-Off: The LOLympic Dream

kate-mara-gq14-02We’ve reached the midpoint of the Sochi LOLympics and I understand that Canada is doing well which is nice. On the other hand, I’m mildly perturbed that people don’t take my boycott and the reasons for it seriously. Mostly family and coworkers at my day job but it’s still discouraging that sports trumps the rights of gays, dogs and the people of both Syria and Sochi.

Anyway, I suppose that since it’s Sunday, we should do the links. Let’s start with Kate Mara. You know, I really should watch House of Cards.

The US Labour Secretary has a good point. How can some smaller companies thrive despite paying livable wages while the big ones who make a mint thanks to low wages say they’ll go under if minimum wage gets to a livable level? (Daily Kos)

Subscribers to Newt Gingrich’s email list get an odd assortment of “news items” sent to them. These include stories about alleged cancer cures, Obama’s secret mistress (it’s Beyonce like the tabloids already told us so it’s not a secret) and The Illuminati. And you wonder why many people consider the GOP to be a laughing-stock. (Media Matters)

It’s kind of amazing how quickly a story disappears. One year ago, a kid on Facebook made a joke about shooting a school. He was quickly arrested because some people don’t have senses of humour. Now, he faces 10 years in prison. I know that’s a sensitive topic but some people just take life way too damn seriously. (Dallas Observer)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Flashes of Brilliance

For those of you in North America, this weekend marks the release of Iron Man 2! Leading off this ELO is Kate Mara. She briefly appears near the beginning of the film and that’s it. I know it’s a bit disappointing. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if Jon Favreau managed to somehow squeeze her in more scenes of the movie.

Oh by the way Friday Night Lights is back on NBC (Fridays at 8 pm), so remember to tune in folks!

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