Entertainment Link-Off: Splash or Splat!

katie cassidy 3

UPDATE: The finale for Harper’s Island was appropriately titled “Sigh”. The limited-run series went out barely noticed as it snagged about 3.84 million viewers during its final two hours. It’s too bad. While the series itself was uneven (a mixed bag of great and mediocre moments), it was a fun thrill ride overall. I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, but it was satisfying. Kudos to CBS for airing all the episodes despite the lack of eyeballs tuning in. (TV by the Numbers)

Steve beat me to it and already featured Katie Cassidy in his Wednesday Link-Off. However, that doesn’t stop me from featuring her again in celebration of the Harper’s Island finale tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS. Most Canadian viewers may have already watched the finale on Thursday night, but to those who haven’t seen it or if you don’t have anything better to do tonight, just sit back and enjoy 2 hours worth of a fun slasher-fest.

I’m kicking this off with a non-entertainment news. Facebook users entering university watch out! There are fake university groups popping up because of those evil marketing companies! (The Toronto Star) Alright everyone, to be on the safe side, let’s all just go to the South Harmon Institute of Technology. We know that school is legit.

After the jump some movie news to tickle the moviebuffs, what James Franco’s UCLA commencement speech would have been like and things that will make a splash or fail miserably.


For those who are anxiously waiting for NBC’s new comedy Community, you can check out the awesomeness of Joel McHale on The Soup! (E! Online)

Speaking of Community, they got that crazy angry Asian doctor guy from Knocked Up for a recurring role! For the kicker, look for the subject that his character will be teaching. (Zap2it)

Unlike other shows that are extended beyond its natural end, Scrubs 2.0 is in good hands. (Zap2it)

Scrubs’ creator Bill Lawrence has produced another quality comedy for this fall! (The Futon Critic)

The first poster for the quasi-horror flick Jennifer’s Body looked like a bloody rip-off of True Blood’s one-sheet. At least they learned from their mistake and released a much better poster. This time, featuring more Megan Fox. (Bloody Disgusting)

Speaking of Jennifer’s Body, did you see the red-band trailer? (Trailer Addict)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen may have be slapped with harsh reviews, but it still managed to gross $300M in 14 days. (Nikki Finke)

Here is a list of films that have made a big splash with the audience despite the bad reviews. It’s a clear indication that people don’t really care about the movie critics. Guess which one is on top of the list? Here’s a hint, I just mentioned it. (Slashfilm)

Vassup?! Bruno is currently holding onto the top spot at the box office this weekend. Look at the people showing him some support. No wonder the film is doing so well! (MTV)

YAY! Justin Timberlake IS NOT the Green Lantern! Oh man, it was so close to becoming a horror film epic disaster. (Access Hollywood)

James Franco had to “pull out” of his scheduled spot to do the commencement speech at UCLA in June. For all those who are wondering what his speech would have been like, take a look at this latest video. (Funny or Die)

A brief glimmer of home for MacGruber fans. One-third of The Lonely Island is directing the MacGruber movie. It would be fun to see the other two TLI members join in. I still have trouble picture a full feature film featuring this character from the SNL skit. If the movie runs for 90 minutes, are we expected to see him die 90 times? (Collider)

Comic-Con is quickly approaching!!! For all those who love TV and movies, click here, here and here for the notable panels/events.


Speaking of Comic-Con… Slashfilm would like to ask whether Twilight will ruin the event this year. The answer is YES! (Slashfilm) Here’s a plea to all the fangirls – PLEASE DON’T RUIN IT FOR EVERYBODY ELSE! ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO WANT TO CHECK OUT JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR!

We know that there’s no such thing as killer robots from the Terminator movies… right? (Slashfilm)

Ryan Phillippe and Val Kilmer are in talks to join the MacGruber film. Wait… they can be funny? (Screen Crave)

I find it sad that the best Harry Potter film of the series is the lowest grossing movie of the bunch. (Slashfilm)

The film Funny People has a strong cast and Judd Apatow is behind it. I want to like this movie, but I’m still having trouble warming up to it. (Collider)

Thanks to Lindsay Lohan’s stupidity, The Hangover is now a $200M+ hit! (Zap2it)

The Veronica Mars movie is as good as dead. Fear not VM fans, Kristen Bell is recruiting you to help bring the show to the big screen! I don’t know about you, but I’m not holding up too much hope for this. (The TV Addict)

A show that won’t be making a splash at Comic-Con is The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The show is as good as dead, but that hasn’t stopped people from starting up creating save-our-show campaigns to mooch money off those desperate fans. (Examiner)

Many great pilots get left in development hell because the networks decided not to pick them up. This season the CW chose not to pick up Body Politic. Well CBS made a similar mistake in the past when they chose not to give the bizarre zombie pilot Babylon Fields a chance. Here’s a look at the awesome show that could have made it to your TV screens. (TV Week)

Bad news. Maura Tierney is ill and the production for the NBC show Parenthood is delayed. The medical drama Mercy will now be taking its place this fall. Get well soon Maura! To all those that are anxiously waiting for her appearance on Parenthood, please go check out ER instead… or better yet, find a way to tune into the brilliant but cancelled comedy NewsRadio. (E! Online)

And finally…

katie cassidy 2After tonight’s Harper’s Island finale, you can catch more of Katie Cassidy this fall on the CW’s craptastic rehash of Melrose Place. (The Futon Critic)

However, if you don’t want to be scarred for life, you can catch some of her other previous works like the Black Christmas remake or season 3 of Supernatural. She will also be appearing in the upcoming remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. The filming for the movie has recently wrapped and it is scheduled for release next spring. I usually shy away from horror remakes, but I just might check it out. It does have a cast filled with recognizable faces (note to Friday Night Lights fans, Connie Britton has a role in the movie!). Plus, Robert Englund, the original Freddy Kruger himself is feeling somewhat optimistic about the film! (Comic Book Resources)

Let’s end this off with another edition of David Letterman’s Top 10. This time featuring Optimus Prime. There are a few good ones in there, but like all other Letterman Top 10’s, it has a disappointing finish.


Or better yet, we can keep with the theme of making a giant splash by checking out the re-edited trailer for Roland Emmerich’s disaster-porn 2012.


Let’s face it, this is a better trailer than the original one and it would have done a better job at convincing people to flock to the theatres.

3 thoughts on “Entertainment Link-Off: Splash or Splat!

  1. Don’t be pessimist like that , we are many who really want this Veronica Mars movie so let’s hope !!! Give support ! not negative comment please.


    • You’re right. My first statement was a bit harsh, but in reality, that’s how the movie studio sees it. Fine. Let’s say the VM movie is barely hanging on through life support (because the creator, star and fans are still backing it). Does that sound better?

      I whole-heartedly support the movement to get the movie made, but the timing is not right. It’s already been a few years (so some of the buzz has somewhat died) and given the bad economy, don’t expect the movie studio to take a gamble on a show that drew fairly anemic numbers (despite the fact that it did garner more eyeballs than most CW shows right now). If they studios have learned anything from the previous TV to silver screen adventure, they probably wouldn’t go for that risk again. Firefly successfully made it to the big screen (Serenity) and it was a box office dud in North America and overseas. It made back its budget (barely) after DVD sales. Would you expect the WB to make that gamble based on some tweets? I think not. However, they do speak “money”. Perhaps Rob Thomas can pull off a Joss Whedon and somehow make the movie on a very tight budget. Alternatively, get everyone to go out and purchase the series DVDs. That would grab their attention. It’s rare that a show can pull of a Firefly, but if it can happen, then it’s great. I would love to have a nice wrap up to a show that I followed for 3 seasons.

      If those tweets can increase DVD sales, then great! Then I’ll admit that I underestimated the power of tweets. Until then, we can only dream.


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