Entertainment Link-Off: Bring on the Thunder

It’s battle of the big blockbusters in Australia this weekend with Thor duking it out against Fast Five at the theatres. This is a somewhat unusual case of having two big movies open in the same week well ahead of their North American release dates. Meanwhile back in Canada and the US… there’s nothing all that worth looking at this weekend. I’ll just kick star this ELO with Jamie Chung because she was featured in the latest Esquire photoshoot.

After the jump, 3D porn film tops Avatar in Hong Kong, some Transformers related news, Joseph Gordon-Levitt teaches Conan how to headbang, an interested film related music video and an awesome way to propose to your girlfriend at the movies.

It certainly looks like another one of those teenage coming-of-age flicks, but the film formerly known as Homework really did catch my attention. Now it’s been retitled The Art of Getting By (which I think is a less appealing name) has a trailer! (MTV)

3D porn film in Hong Kong tops Avatar’s one day record at the box office. Sex sells. Take note of that James Cameron! (NPR)

Kevin Smith’s unconventional distribution of his latest film Red State has finally paid off since it no longer in the red. (Slashfilm)

New Transfomers banners shows Shockwave! (Yahoo)

‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro made something pretty impressive at the New York International Auto Show. To help promote the upcoming Transformers flick, he made a cake featuring Bumblebee straddling a Chevy Camaro. Best cake ever! (Entertainment Weekly)

This shouldn’t come in as a big surprise, Fast and the Furious 6 is in the works. Whether it actually happens depends on the box office take of Fast Five. Speaking of Fast Five, remember to stay for the credits for a special bonus scene that will bridge into the next possible film. (Empire)

So how did Matthew Vaughan get around to directing X-Men: The First Class? All it took was some volcanic ashes, a Kick-Ass star and a few beers at an airport. (IGN)

Scream 4: The first mainstream feminist horror movie? (AWL)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt teaches Conan O’Brien how to headbang. Mass chaos ensues. (Team Coco)

More news on the casting of JGL and Marion Cotillard for the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises. Details of their characters have been reveiled and they don’t sound all that familiar, but take it with a grain of salt. Chris Nolan is known to give out misleading details in the press releases, but at the same time, they could genuinely be new characters since he did create Rachel Dawes in the first film. (LA Times)

Forget hosting the Oscars, James Franco is now going for a Ph.D! So by the time he graduates, I assume every film credit will be re-edited to Dr. James Franco. (Yahoo via Associated Press)

First look at the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in the Smallville finale! (TVline)

Details have emerged for the Star Trek series from Bryan Singer that never came to fruition because of JJ Abrams’ movie reboot. Here are the details to Star Trek: Federation. (JoBlo)

Chuck’s ratings have been on a steady decline and the latest batch of episodes are only managing a paltry 1.3 rating in 18-49. The good news? It’s still the highest scripted show on NBC on Monday nights. Still, it is on the bubble and Chuck fans are taking to Twitter to get the show one more season! (Entertainment Weekly)

The fifth and final season of Friday Night Lights is currently airing on NBC. The DVD is out already, but it doesn’t hurt to rewatching on TV while you still can. Anyway, since filming has wrapped up a while ago, the props are no longer needed for filming. NBC Universal is now putting the stuff up for auction… so the question is, do you want Lions props or Panthers props? (Zap2it)

Since we like Friday Night Lights and also support Canadian talent, here’s an interview with FNL star Taylor Kitsch as he talks about his latest film The Bang Bang Club and the upcoming action flick Battleship. (Movieline)

Some unconventional marketing from the folks at Marvel. For the release of Thor, they decided to make a variation of that VW Darth Vader commercial with something called Little Thor.

Low budget music video making done right. Here’s DeStorm’s MV for Famous Movies in 1 Take.

Dammit. This dude beat me to the punch with this idea! He hired some folks to help him make a faux movie trailer so that he can play it at the theatre in front of his girlfriend. Best marriage proposal ever?


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  1. The background picture on his laptop. One of the chicks in the pic has a tattoo across her fingers that would read “hopeless romantic” if she put her hands together


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