Entertainment Link-Off: Bangkok Dangerous

It’s deja vu for Hangover 2! So we get a rehash of the hit comedy, except this time it’s set in Thailand. I don’t know about you, but the trailer was definitely not as funny the second time around. Anyway, this installment got rid of Heather Graham and threw in Jamie Chung instead. So here she is kicking off the ELO this week.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Bring on the Thunder

It’s battle of the big blockbusters in Australia this weekend with Thor duking it out against Fast Five at the theatres. This is a somewhat unusual case of having two big movies open in the same week well ahead of their North American release dates. Meanwhile back in Canada and the US… there’s nothing all that worth looking at this weekend. I’ll just kick star this ELO with Jamie Chung because she was featured in the latest Esquire photoshoot.

After the jump, 3D porn film tops Avatar in Hong Kong, some Transformers related news, Joseph Gordon-Levitt teaches Conan how to headbang, an interested film related music video and an awesome way to propose to your girlfriend at the movies. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Mind-bending Reality

It’s another loaded weekend at the box office. For those in Canada, you can enjoy the “greatest Canadian movie ever” (quoted from Steve Murray) called Hobo with a Shotgun. Meanwhile for the rest of the folks in North America, how about some eye candy galore in Sucker Punch? Ok it’s getting drubbed by critics as Zack Snyder’s first misfire, but the stylistic action and the lead actresses are worth a look. Kicking off this entry is Jamie Chung who plays Amber in the film.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Seeing Red

It’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Since there weren’t any films released this weekend that I wanted to talk about, let’s kick off with someone starring in an upcoming flick. Here’s Jamie Chung kicking ass in the latest Complex magazine photoshoot. Look out for her in Sucker Punch this March.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Another One Bites the Dust

jamie chung 1This weekend at the box office is the battle of the eye candy (and maybe slasher flicks). First we have Kate Beckinsale starring in the Antarctic murder mystery Whiteout. Next up there’s Sorority Row, the remake of the 1983 horror movie The House on Sorority Row. Expect to see plenty of attractive ladies get chased and hacked by a hooded killer. Jamie Chung is part of the cast for this movie, but since she’s not the “leading girl”, I bet her character won’t make it out of this one.

Before I kick this off I would like to mention that DirecTV has announced the fourth season to Friday Night Lights will premiere on October 28th! Mark your calendars! Of course, if you’re still waiting for NBC to air it, don’t expect to get your weekly FNL fix until summer 2010.

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