Entertainment Link-Off: Untitled ELO of the Week

I’m back from my one week hiatus but it won’t be for long as I’ll be away for another two weeks afterwards. Thankfully Steve is around to cover for me. Anyway, it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day, but I’m short on love related stuff (though Olivia Wilde is now officially single much to fanboys delight). Anyway, kicking off this ELO is Emily Blunt. You won’t physically see her in theatres this weekend but you’ll hear her voice in the new animated film Gnomeo and Juliet.

After the jump, a Transformer displays his singing chops, Steven Segal thinks he invented the front kick, MPAA fail, a tour of Pixar Studios and a better remixed version of the Captain America Super Bowl spot.

Emily Blunt does have an interesting taste in movies. There’s a certain scene in a certain movie that she’s watched over 30 times. You may or may not be surprised with her choice. (Movieline)

American Idol audition fail. A Transformer didn’t win the judges over on this one. Perhaps robots in disguise should just stick with firing weapons and causing mass destruction. (Moviefone)

Michael Bay compares Transformers: Dark of the Moon to Black Hawk Down. If it’s anywhere remotely as good as the latter, I would be quite pleasantly surprised. (MTV)

Interested in who’s going to take home the big prize at the Oscars this year? Well here’s a graph that shows the up and down trend of the nominees over the past few months. (Movieline)

WTF of the day: Steven Segal claims that he invented the front kick. (Filmdrunk)

Turns out there was a slight variation between the Super Bowl commercial and the online version of the commercial for JJ Abrams’ Super 8. Take a look for more clues on this summer sci-fi flick. (Slashfilm)

Snakes on a Plane director David Ellis is planning to call his next time Untitled 3D Shark Thriller. Seriously, that’s what he’s gonna call it. No joke. Kudos to the man for being direct with regards to what the movie is going to be about. (NY Mag)

Kevin Smith wants to bring back everyone he’s worked with in the past for his last film Hit Somebody. On his wishlist includes Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Heck he’ll even invite his arch-nemesis Bruce Willis for a cameo. (Slashfilm)

This is something Steve would really appreciate since he’s such a huge fan. A fun infographic that essentially acts as a Coles notes to newbie or potential Dr. Who fans. (Nerd Approved)

Oh MPAA, they can never run out of ideas of embarrassing themselves further. While they normally send out threats to general folks for illegally downloading movies, this time the warning went to Google and MPAA is going to try to disconnect Google from the internet. Ummm sure. (Moviefone)

One of the favourite shows here in Lowdown HQ is the critically acclaimed drama Friday Night Lights. The finale just aired this past Wednesday and I gotta say, I feel rather sad that it has ended. In the post finale interview, executive producer Jason Katims reveals the ending we didn’t get to see on the show. (TVline)

Here’s a rare tour of Pixar Studios in San Francisco. After a brief look at this, I’m sure most of you would want to work there too. (NY Times)

Bryan Singer talks about X-Men: The First Class. He’s hinting there are perhaps some seeds for future sequels! (LA Times)

Question of the day: Is this Wolverine or perhaps two Bat men? (Fanboyz)

So we all saw the Super Bowl spot for Captain America but if they replaced the audio with… say a certain tune from Team America: World Police, it would have been much more effective. Though it probably wouldn’t be as kid friendly.


With all the issues behind the scenes for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, it’s not surprising to see it get bashed universally by critics. This video pretty much sums it all up.


Of course with all the harsh reviews piling on, the stage show’s spokesman would blast back at the critics by thinking they’re “uncool”. (Entertainment Weekly)

And finally the new X-Men: The First Class trailer hits the net and it looks somewhat promising.


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