Entertainment Link-Off: Turn It Up

pixie lott 3Now we return to your regular scheduled programming. That’s right, after a week off, I’m back with the latest Entertainment Link-Off. Steve did an awesome job with the ELO last week and it looks like he didn’t scare you guys away. This week features the songstress Pixie Lott. She’s already a massive hit over in Europe. Now when will she make a stop here in Canada?

After the jump Kick-Ass actually kicks ass, a few movie lists to check out, November Sweeps and a look at how Transformers 2 should have ended.

Shatner reads Levi Johnson’s real tweets. Awesome. (Entertainment Weekly)

Those Facebook games are EVIL! (Time)

Kick-Ass posters are out. Isn’t it neat that they’re not using the real actors’ names to promote the film (i.e. Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy)? (Collider)

Kick-Ass doens’t come out until April 2010, but could it be the best superhero movie ever? (Slashfilm)

We are one step closer to getting a real life Iron Man. (Slashfilm)

10 Most Awkward Movie blowjobs. (JoBlo)

Let’s take a look at the best 100 films from the past decade. Wait… how did Avatar make the list? (Telegraph)

Everytime there is a big sci fi release like Avatar or Star Wars, this is bound to happen. The five stages of the geek movie experience. (CHUD)

Check out Joss Whedon’s hilarious offer to purchase and revamp Terminator. (Whedonesque) Darn it looks like he snatched Steve’s porn idea.

Roland Emmerich has another epic disaster in the making. 2012’s sequel will be turned into a TV series. I guess we can safely say there will be survivors at the end of the film. (Cinematical)

It’s that time of the year again! No it’s not Christmas, but close enough. It’s the November Sweeps! Networks are pumping fresh episodes of their shows before going on break next month. I demand to see Dollhouse! *shakes fist at FOX* Anyway, The TV Addict presents the ABC’s of November Sweeps! (The TV Addict)

Also don’t forget to tune into the next episode of The Lowdown when Steve and I go through the TV shows of the current season!

In other TV related news, could the CW be dead soon? (TV by the Numbers) Probably, but I think Dawn Ostroff will get booted before the network truly goes belly up.

I don’t think the PTC realize that they have no power whatsoever. Of course that won’t stop them from complaining about the highly anticipated ménage à trois in the upcoming episode of Gossip Girl. (The Wrap)

CW’s Gossip Girl has lost the magic touch that it had back in season one, hence it’s going for more shocking stuff like the above storyline. The lesbian kiss didn’t work for Heroes, so it probably won’t work here either. Here’s some ideas on how to lift the show from its creative (and ratings) slump. (Zap2it)

Now I don’t hate Jay Leno. I just don’t like his new show that is hogging 5 precious hours of primetime. Seriously though, cut him some slack. If he did have a choice, I think he would prefer to stick with the 11:30 timeslot. You can tell he’s getting tired of the bashing in the interview. It’s a nice read. (Broadcasting and Cable)

Glee is back this week! Now the show already had some impressive guest stars appear on the show including Kristen Chenoweth and Victor Garber. There’s definitely room for more since the show got the back 9 order. Which guest stars do you want to pop up in the show? Alright fellow Gleeks, it’s time to start brainstorming! (Zap2it)

pixie lott 1While Beyonce was the big winner at the MTV Europe Music Awards, newcomer Pixie Lott did not go home empty handed. She snatched the award for Best Push Artist. (Digital Spy)

Westlife only managed to land in the number 2 spot with the new single What About Now. This would be an appropriate time to say “I told ya so.” That being said, the tracklist for their upcoming album has been released. It’s not littered with covers! I am cautiously optimistic right now. (Top 40 Charts) I don’t mind listening to covers, just don’t release them as singles please.

With 2 UK number one hits under her belt, Pixie Lott is prepping to release her third single Cry Me Out. Unlike the previous two tracks, this one will be a ballad. I’m really digging this track. It sounds a bit retro. It’s really catchy. In fact, some parts of the song contains some witty lyrics… just listen carefully.


Looks like most of you missed an awesome episode of Supernatural on Thursday night. The show poked fun at their timeslot competitors like Grey’s Anatomy and CSI. As an added bonus, we also got to see what would happen if Supernatural was turned into a sitcom. Note to Eric Kripke: Please turn the show into a sitcom after this season is over.


Okay, I did give Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 3 stars back in June, but it may have been due to my inner fanboy influence. We can spend hours picking apart the film which included massive plotholes but in the end it was an entertaining film. Anyway the folks at HISHE did it again. Here’s how Transformers 2 should have ended.


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