Entertainment Link-Off: Long Weekend Retreat

kristen bellI had a lot on my plate the past few days; hence this post was delayed. Anyway, the new Entertainment Link-Off is here! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This weekend also marks the release of the ensemble comedy Couples Retreat. Apparently it’s horrible, but Kristen Bell is in it! That should be worth snatching an admission ticket.

After the jump some tidbits on Friday Night Lights, cartoons gone wild and what would the movie 2012 be like without CGI?

In the UK music charts, The Saturdays have failed to claim the number 1 spot again. Their best shot at number 1 was thwarted by Flo Rida back in March. This time they were beaten by some rapper named Chipmunk. (Digital Spy)

Zombieland was a hit last weekend and I’m not surprised that sequel talks are already rumbling. Oh by the way, did you know Zombieland was meant to be a TV show? (Slashfilm)

Over at EW, they joined some of the cast and crew on their journey to experience the film with moviegoers on opening night. Warning: minor spoilers in the article. (Entertainment Weekly)

It’s Predator vs. the scrawny men! Adrien Brody joins the cast for Robert Rodriguez’s Predators. Wait, what is Topher Grace doing there? (MTV)

Apparently we are in need of another Vacation movie. (BBC)

Watching Lord of the Rings with a live orchestra sounds awesome. Interested? Mark your calendars for October 9, 2010 for the next installment. (Entertainment Weekly)

Spiderman 4 will begin filming in the spring and the script isn’t done yet. Why does this sound so familiar? (Latino Review)

Kevin Smith’s horror flick Red State might finally get made! (JoBlo)

NOOOOO! Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods is going 3D. (Shock Til You Drop)

Bryan Singer is flirting with the idea of coming back to direct another X-Men movie. Could this be a case of too little too late or will he actually save this franchise? (Collider)

Looking for another Simpsons movie? You’re not getting one. (Latino Review)

Expect to see a lot of yellow in the next Playboy issue because Marge Simpson goes nude! (Entertainment Weekly)

Check out the concept video for Bad Robot! No, this doesn’t have anything to do with J.J. Abrams… I think. (Slashfilm)

Did you see the latest trailer for Toy Story 3?! I’m totally pumped for this! (Trailer Addict)

Speaking of robots gone wild, it looks like Wheelie isn’t the only horny Decepticon out there. (Slashfilm)

Be very afraid. Kurtzman and Orci are ditching Transformers 3 and are leaving it in the hands of that other writer Ehren Kruger. (Screencrave)

There is a slight possibility that Michael Bay will kill off Megan Fox’s character in the next Transformers movie. (Celebuzz)

Will this be enough to get you to tune into Heroes tonight? (E! Online)

Ashlee Simpson can’t act. No surprise there. No wonder no one is tuning into CW’s rehashing of Melrose Place. (NY Post)

kristen bell 2(2)At the box office this weekend, it certainly looks like everyone was up for a quasi-escape with Couples Retreat. (Nikki Finke)

In other Kristen Bell related news, she just signed on as Christina Aguilera’s rival in the film musical Burlesque. I’m suddenly interested in seeing this. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Couples Retreat co-star Vince Vaughan has established himself as a funnyman in films lately. Let’s take a look back at his best moments in film. Oh Youtube videos are included! (Moviefone)

Let’s take a look at the best 15 TV opening title sequences. (TV.com)

Best cornmaze ever! (Boston.com) Family Guy fans will really appreciate this.

I’m hooked on the new series FlashForward. Since Sulu John Cho is in this, I’m more inclined to stick with it for the time being. Plus, his character is rather interesting given that he didn’t catch a glimpse of the future like the other folks. Want to know what happens next? Don’t bother, he doesn’t know either. (The TV Addict)

Friday Night Lights is premiering on DirecTV later this month. Now the FNL boss spills the beans on the upcoming season. (E! Online)

While I’m on the topic of Friday Night Lights. I must say, I really dig these DirecTV promos for the show. The countdown to October 28 begins!


I know we were all distracted by the wonderful CGI during that five minute clip of 2012 last week. Now that Colours Source has edited out all the destruction, we can focus on the wonderful acting from John Cusack et al. Yes, all 1 minute and 26 seconds worth of it.



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