The Humanoids: Fad-tastic

Today’s edition of The Humanoids is all about fads. Fads come and go, kinda like me writing this column sorta stops and starts. I pick out seven fads that are either starting or finishing right now. As usual, I’m looking at mostly sports topics but I’ve tossed in a few wild cards in there just for fun. Continue reading


The Humanoids: Gonna Fly Now

This week on The Humanoids, I’m talking about people riding a recently found wave of popularity and notoriety. These folks you just wouldn’t have brought up in conversation last week. They’ve gone from being completely off the radar to being the lead topics around the water cooler this week. Some of these conversations have just been folks rolling their eyes when they hear a name. Other conversations get people riled up over some of the dumb things that they’re tied up in. Will we still be talking about them next week? I don’t know because I sure didn’t think that they would be in this week’s column when I finished up last week’s. That’s why this column is subtitled Gonna Fly Now.

By the by, The Lowdown made its triumphant return to radio this week. We returned for Season Three on 94.9FM CHRW. You can find all the action here. We’re back on September 29 at 6:30 PM with our NHL preview special. It’s going to be a half-hour of fantasy hockey and general hockey season previews. Because the show is based in London, we have to throw in some gratuitous local content which means team previews of Detroit and Toronto. Expect the number 1967 to come up quite a bit. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Out of the Park

blake-lively-maria-sharapova-01Today, it’s two for the price of one with Blake Lively and Maria Sharapova.

A complete list of the best active athletes in every sport by the numbers, both literally and statistically. (Rumors and Rants)

And some active athletes are the best financially. For example, Alex Rodriguez earns enough money per inning to put a family of four above the poverty line. Makes you think. (Wall Street Journal)

Britain’s favourite pass time is ogling the wives and girlfriends of pro athletes so they came up with a Top 10 list of non-soccer WAGs. (The Sun)

After the jump, your Sunday at the races preview, a Mini gone wrong, and Shaq vs. Jimmy Kimmel. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Return To Regular Service

After last week’s left turn into the world of NASCAR, we return to regular ranting on The Humanoids. At least, for the most part. I have a small correction from last week that I need to make thanks to my own first-hand research. Anyway, I’d like to say that there is one big over-arching theme to this week’s column but I don’t think there is. Maybe shooting yourself in the foot is the theme of this week’s column. I think you can thread that through most of the victims of my occasionally comic rantings. Some more literally than others.

By the way, no new news on the radio show front. It’s coming back soon, though. I hope. Still no word from CHRW about keeping us in their lineup. I’m a little concerned but I’m not going to lose any sleep. After all, a good internet podcast can help make the blog better. However, I doubt it could get us as many page views as Gina Carano has over the last week. Good news is that we’re now being followed by Fanshawe and UWO on Twitter. That’s gotta count for something. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Happy Civic Holiday or Whatever

emmanuelle-chriqui-gq-3It’s a made up long weekend in Canada. Let’s celebrate with Canadian hotness icon Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Since EA Sports is sent us a copy of NCAA Football 10 to review, we thought we would take a refresher course in video game football etiquette. I know this is for Madden 10 but just substitute the Florida Gators for the Pats and it’ll work out. (Awesomely)

Speaking of etiquette, I don’t think it’s good form to be tasked with selling a soccer team and try to sell it on eBay. Even if it’s only in Britain’s League One. (BBC)

And keeping with etiquette, L.A. Lakers coach Phil Jackson is a stickler for it, especially during games. Just ask movie star Jonah Hill. (LA Times)

After the jump, it’s hard in the press for a pimp, news from the rink, and Raw is Shaq highlights. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Technological Disasters

megan-fox-gq2008-10We had a video a while back showing that Megan Fox was a CGI creation. Definitely the greatest use of advanced technology ever.

I wasn’t kidding when I said David Beckham was picking fights in his return to the LA Galaxy. A British tabloid hired a lip reader to prove that I was right. (News of the World)

How many times do I have to tell you that creating more advanced robots will only lead to disaster? A Japanese doom-bringer has created robots to throw baseballs and swing a bat. I can’t see how these skills could be used to take over mankind. (ABC/AP)

And I’m not the only one that thinks robots are going to kill us all. Even real scientists think that we’re creating mechanical monstrosities that will kill us all. (New York Times)

After the jump more on Erin Andrews, trouble for stick men and the greatest hole-in-one ever. Continue reading

WWE Raw Live Blog – July 27, 2009

Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw has one of those big event feels tonight. Last night’s pay-per-view, Night of Champions, left us with a controversial finish to the WWE Title between Randy Orton, HHH, and John Cena that saw Orton retain despite tapping out during the match. You know that will spill over to tonight’s show which means it falls into the (large) hands of tonight’s guest host. Shaquille O’Neal will be the guest host for tonight’s edition of Raw and you that the man formerly known as The Big Cactus will have a big impact on tonight’s show.

We’ll be live blogging tonight’s edition of Raw starting at 9:00PM with the preview show. Raw kicks off at 9:15PM. Continue reading

Shaquille O’Neal To Guest Host WWE Raw

When I live-blogged Raw is Trump a few weeks back, I mentioned that The Donald was going to have a celebrity guest host in charge of Monday Night Raw every week. Just because Trump is gone doesn’t mean that the WWE have given up on celebrity hosts. Now, NBA and Twitter superstar Shaquille O’Neal will be the guest host on WWE Monday Night Raw next week. Continue reading

Twitter’s Millionaires Club: Are They Worth Following?

Earlier in the year, there was one battle that seemed to captivate star watchers worldwide: Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN in the battle to be the first person (or company) to have over 1 million followers on Twitter. Kutcher won the battle but he may not win the war. As of writing, 16 of Twitter’s elite have crossed the million followers mark. The question I’ve been wondering is not why would that many people follow them. Like the James Bond theme, it’s a case of “you know my name.” Rather, are these cewebrities actually tweeting anything worth reading? Continue reading