Sunday Link-Off: Happy Civic Holiday or Whatever

emmanuelle-chriqui-gq-3It’s a made up long weekend in Canada. Let’s celebrate with Canadian hotness icon Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Since EA Sports is sent us a copy of NCAA Football 10 to review, we thought we would take a refresher course in video game football etiquette. I know this is for Madden 10 but just substitute the Florida Gators for the Pats and it’ll work out. (Awesomely)

Speaking of etiquette, I don’t think it’s good form to be tasked with selling a soccer team and try to sell it on eBay. Even if it’s only in Britain’s League One. (BBC)

And keeping with etiquette, L.A. Lakers coach Phil Jackson is a stickler for it, especially during games. Just ask movie star Jonah Hill. (LA Times)

After the jump, it’s hard in the press for a pimp, news from the rink, and Raw is Shaq highlights.

It’s a tough economy out there. You know it’s really bad when a newspaper reporter, who didn’t get paid much before the economy went to hell, takes a second job… As a pimp. (Deadspin)

Good news: Seinfeld is coming back. Kinda, sorta. (The Live Feed)

If I recall correctly, I said the same thing earlier on Friday. Keep Doc. Trade JP. (Yahoo Sports)

The final Top Gear episode of the season is on today at 8:00 PM GMT. This means that we’re going to be without good TV until at least September. (Top Gear)

And speaking of car culture, Lotus designed a small city car. As scary as it sounds that the purveyor of all that is small, inexpensive performance is making a cheap city runabout, they aren’t building it… yet. (Top Gear: Foreman)

The Pocono Raceway is building a massive solar farm to help cut down on their energy expenses. I have a better way of doing that: Cut your 500 mile snooze fests to no more than 400 miles. We might get the race done in less than four hours for once. (NY Times)

Not all race track news is good news. Lowe’s Motor Speedway will be rechristened Charlotte Motor Speedway… like it was back in the day. (Sports Business Journal)

It’s a sad day in the hockey blogosphere. Islanders Point Blank, the only place I voluntarily read Isles news, may be shutting down because the Islanders are pulling the plug. (From The Rink)

Chicago has been a relative train wreck this off-season. First, they made a mess of qualifying offers to their RFAs. Then they “reassign” their GM. Then their former star rips the team’s president. And now the NHL is investigating them for trying to dodge the salary cap. (Mouthpiece Sports)

Today’s photo gallery brings us back to the rink. No we’re not looking at those European hockey jerseys with all those dumb ads on them. We’re looking at some of the greatest mask designs of yesteryear. (Sports Illustrated)

By the way, did you know that you can read a random blog post that we’ve done? I think it’s really neat, especially when you come up with classics like “Velociraptor Awareness Day.” Click here to read a random post.


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