Wednesday Link-Off: The Story Beyond The Story

maria-sharapova-esquiremexico13-05It’s the middle of the week which means that it’s time for some links. Are you ready for life without Google Reader? Because starting next Wednesday, the linkdump might be in some trouble while I figure out how to do RSS without Google Reader. In the meantime, normal programming continues. Since Wimbledon is this week, let’s kick off this post with Maria Sharapova.

Ezra Klien and Evan Soltas have an interesting theory about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. He doesn’t exist and is actually an NSA creation to distract the press from digging into PRISM. (Wonkblog)

David Gregory thinks Glenn Greenwald should be charged with aiding and abetting Snowden because DG has no respect for journalism. (Freedom of the Press Foundation)

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court axed a key part of the Voter Rights Act. That’s going to allow some serious skewing of electoral districts and may disinfranchise minorities. (The Guardian)

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The Humanoids: Hard Hits

We’re back and hitting harder than ever on The Humanoids. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the whole blog is under reconstruction since Jackie left. I’m busy holding down the fort which makes for busy nights working on the next day’s post(s). Yeah, I don’t have any sympathy for myself either. Mind you, I don’t have any sympathy for the subjects of today’s column either. These folks have dug their own holes with what they’ve done over the last little while. If you make your bed, you’re going to have to lie in it.

Speaking of hard hits, I just found out that our next episode of the radio show is being pre-empted. We’ll still be doing the Lowdown Extra in its place. We’ll still do some of the stuff scheduled for the radio show but the trip to the club for pickup line advice is cancelled. Expect fire and brimstone to rain down during the WTF opinion segment. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Out of the Park

blake-lively-maria-sharapova-01Today, it’s two for the price of one with Blake Lively and Maria Sharapova.

A complete list of the best active athletes in every sport by the numbers, both literally and statistically. (Rumors and Rants)

And some active athletes are the best financially. For example, Alex Rodriguez earns enough money per inning to put a family of four above the poverty line. Makes you think. (Wall Street Journal)

Britain’s favourite pass time is ogling the wives and girlfriends of pro athletes so they came up with a Top 10 list of non-soccer WAGs. (The Sun)

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