An Infographic About Steve’s Favourite Word: F*ck

I’m not sure I’d call it my favourite word but if you ask Jackie (or just about anyone else I know, for that matter), my most frequently used word is the classic F-bomb. It’s often considered just a profanity but it’s greatness comes from its versatility. It can mean many things, be used in many situations and be expressed in many different ways.

Today, I found an infographic on the meanings and history of the word “fuck.” For the sake of censorship, it’s after the jump. Continue reading


The Humanoids: Gonna Fly Now

This week on The Humanoids, I’m talking about people riding a recently found wave of popularity and notoriety. These folks you just wouldn’t have brought up in conversation last week. They’ve gone from being completely off the radar to being the lead topics around the water cooler this week. Some of these conversations have just been folks rolling their eyes when they hear a name. Other conversations get people riled up over some of the dumb things that they’re tied up in. Will we still be talking about them next week? I don’t know because I sure didn’t think that they would be in this week’s column when I finished up last week’s. That’s why this column is subtitled Gonna Fly Now.

By the by, The Lowdown made its triumphant return to radio this week. We returned for Season Three on 94.9FM CHRW. You can find all the action here. We’re back on September 29 at 6:30 PM with our NHL preview special. It’s going to be a half-hour of fantasy hockey and general hockey season previews. Because the show is based in London, we have to throw in some gratuitous local content which means team previews of Detroit and Toronto. Expect the number 1967 to come up quite a bit. Continue reading