Sunday Link-Off: Out of the Park

blake-lively-maria-sharapova-01Today, it’s two for the price of one with Blake Lively and Maria Sharapova.

A complete list of the best active athletes in every sport by the numbers, both literally and statistically. (Rumors and Rants)

And some active athletes are the best financially. For example, Alex Rodriguez earns enough money per inning to put a family of four above the poverty line. Makes you think. (Wall Street Journal)

Britain’s favourite pass time is ogling the wives and girlfriends of pro athletes so they came up with a Top 10 list of non-soccer WAGs. (The Sun)

After the jump, your Sunday at the races preview, a Mini gone wrong, and Shaq vs. Jimmy Kimmel.

This post is up earlier than usual so you can catch a bit of F1 news before the start of the race. Giancarlo Fisichella was on pole in his usually last place Force India. (F1 Fanatic) Possibly more shocking is that Fisichella wasn’t the lightest man on fuel. (BlogF1)

There’s also a fair amount of major league racing happening in Canada today. The stars of the NASCAR Nationwide Series is in Monteal. (Speedway Illustrated) There might even be some rain to liven up the action. (Mike Mulhern) If you’re in the Toronto area, the American Le Mans Series is running at Mosport. It’s the third-last race of the season and there’s a log jam at the top of the championship standings. (Speed Channel)

It turns out that Twitter isn’t the new Facebook. Most tweeters on Twitter are actually old twits. (New York Times)

This is either the greatest or worst name ever in the history of the world. (Dayton Daily News)

To Mini and their masters at BMW: About that new Mini concept, no. Just no. (Top Gear)

More evidence of Vince McMahon’s delusions of grandeur: He’s thinking about starting a WWE Network. I’m guessing he isn’t happy with SmackDown being stuck on My Network TV instead of a real channel. (Media Life)

Our favourite world leader, Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi, is suing everyone for libel. Thank God we like Silvio or we might have been served papers too. (BBC)

When Shaq stole the concept for Shaq Vs., I don’t think this is what anyone had in mind.

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