Entertainment Link-Off: Hug a Tree

It’s Saturday again, so it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. In theatres this weekend, there’s the kid friendly Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the party-hard flick Project X. In other words, nothing noteworthy, so let’s start this edition of the ELO off with Charlize Theron. She’ll be appearing in Prometheus this summer and later in this entry, a new viral video related to the movie has hit the interwebs.

After the jump, The Lorax isn’t sticking to its environmentally friendly message, Adam Sandler smashed a Razzie record, the Oscars are on a downward spiral, showing a movie trailer can get you into the Phillippines (well only for Taylor Kitsch), Alec Baldwin shows no boundaries when hosting morning shows and new music recommendations courtesy of David Choi and Esther Lee! Continue reading

Caption This: February 25 – March 2, 2012

Inspired by the Globe and Mail’s caption writing person, we waste our time writing funny picture captions for some of the more interesting photos we come across when blogging. So here are some of the best pictures from the past week with a funny (-ish) caption. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Leap Day

Normally, I’d break down the Oscars during the linkdump after the Oscars but Twitter and the Daytona 500 are much more interesting. The good news is that we can still lead off this linkdump with Natalie Portman on the red carpet.

The Daytona 500 was yesterday. Well, more or less. It ended in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Anyway, the big story of the race (besides exploding jet dryers) was driver Brad Keselowski tweeting during a red flag period. (Jalopnik)

And while NASCAR is very liberal about its social media policies, ESPN is tightening the strings regarding its employees’ Twitter accounts. (Deadspin)

Why do I bring these two stories up back-to-back? Because ESPN NASCAR analyst Brad Daugherty, who got his job because he liked NASCAR, not because he’s in any way qualified, thinks Keselowski should be fined because he must be in capable of tweeting while all cars are parked and nothing is happening for several hours then driving a race car afterwords. (The Daly Planet) After making those comments, Daugherty demanded that everyone get off his lawn.

After the jump, WWE stars do zumba, CBS screws up Sherlock Holmes and Seth Rogen has the best monologue of awards season. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Live My Life

This weekend at the box office, you can catch some Navy SEALs in action in Act of Valor. There’s also the comedy Wanderlust starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. As alternative programming, Amanda Seyfried stars in the thriller Gone. Funny enough, only Wanderlust is currently carrying a fresh rating. Anyway, I’ll kick off this entry with Ms. Seyfried here.

After the jump, quite a few articles on the upcoming flick John Carter, MPAA got it wrong again, an alternate take on Ghost Rider, Star Wars porn is better than The Phantom Menace, Community returns, a bit more on Linsanity and new music from Far East Movement and Jason Chen. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Pushed to the Edge

This weekend marks the release of 3 new major releases at the theatres. There’s Liam Neeson kicking some wolf ass in The Grey. Sam Worthington wants to jump off the ledge of a building. Oh there’s also a new Katherine Heigl movie. Yeah, we all cringed at the thought of that. Anyway, I was considering to start off the ELO with Yvonne Strahovski since last night was the series finale of Chuck. Then I realized I haven’t featured Mekenna Melvin during the show’s run since she appeared as Casey’s daughter Alex. So let’s kick off this week’s ELO with her!

After the jump, Chuck season 5 blooper reel, Pat Sajak was drunk behind the wheel but wasn’t charged for DUI, Oscars suck, new tidbit on The Hobbit, the return of Ferris Bueller and listen to Joseph Gordon-Levitt cover The Beatles! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Back to December

No wide releases at the box office this weekend so it’ll be the same old battle between sparkling vampires and Muppets for the top spot. Anyway, just gonna kick off the latest ELO with Korean pop star (and also fellow Canadian) G.NA.

After the jump, have a look at the new trailer for the sci-fi epic John Carter, Universal Studios is closing Jaws, another Harry Potter theme park may be on its way, the Prometheus trailer leak made everyone but the FOX Films CEO happy, Hanson releases their own beer and William Shatner takes on Carrie Fisher. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Like Crazy

Well I’m back to write up another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Steve is probably glad he doesn’t have to throw in something last minute again. Anyway, there’s a handful of surprisingly rotten films this weekend at the box office. There’s the visual extravaganza The Immortals starring future Superman Henry Cavill. Also, there’s another Leonardo Dicaprio’s attempt at an Oscar (more on that later) in J. Edgar. Since I missed the release of Like Crazy from last week, I thought I just ignore the films this weekend and kick things off with British actress Felicity Jones.

After the jump, a few movie trailers to take a look at, the crew behind Harold and Kumar seem to do a lot of crazy things behind the scenes, movie posters all look the same, Strombo interviews Kermit the Frog and the Wonder Girls are back with a new music video! Continue reading