Entertainment Link-Off: Like Crazy

Well I’m back to write up another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Steve is probably glad he doesn’t have to throw in something last minute again. Anyway, there’s a handful of surprisingly rotten films this weekend at the box office. There’s the visual extravaganza The Immortals starring future Superman Henry Cavill. Also, there’s another Leonardo Dicaprio’s attempt at an Oscar (more on that later) in J. Edgar. Since I missed the release of Like Crazy from last week, I thought I just ignore the films this weekend and kick things off with British actress Felicity Jones.

After the jump, a few movie trailers to take a look at, the crew behind Harold and Kumar seem to do a lot of crazy things behind the scenes, movie posters all look the same, Strombo interviews Kermit the Frog and the Wonder Girls are back with a new music video!

Felicity Jones is slowly becoming the new “it girl” from across the pond since Like Crazy is making waves around the festival circuits. Here are two small interviews she did discussing about the making of the film. (Philly.com) (Seattle PI)

I suppose they released this trailer just in time to latch onto the hype from the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 1 film. You can find Kristen Stewart here in Snow White and the Huntsmen. There’s not much focus on her since Charlize Theron is the one stealing the show as the badass evil queen. (Apple)

While we’re on movie trailers, how about a look at Journey 2: The Mysterious Island? This time there’s no Brendan Fraser, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is taking his place… and he got to work his pecs in 3D. (Yahoo)

Michael Fassbender has an interesting idea on how to explain why Professor X loses all his hair… (Collider)

There’s always a storyboard to jot down how scenes should look in the final film product… but how about a video storyboard? Have a look at one that’s done for NPH’s music number in A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. (Slashfilm)

Just to show how fun things can be behind-the-scenes, the crew from A Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas did a lipdub… sadly it’s the song Party in the USA. (Slashfilm)

If claymation Harold and Kumar wasn’t enough, perhaps an animated series of the two would be a good idea then. (Collider)

What a class act. Brett Ratner steps down as Oscar show producer after his outbursts about banging Olivia Munn and saying “rehearsal is for fags”. For a man that gets no love to begin with, he is sure winning brownie points from the public now… *cough* (The Hollywood Reporter)

With Ratner out, even his choice of host for the Oscar has called it quits as well. So who’s Eddie Murphy’s replacement? Well turns out, what’s old is new again because Billy Crystal is back. (LA Times)

Just when you thought Hollywood is low on ideas when it comes to filmmaking, turns out they have the same problem when it comes to designing movie posters. Seriously, do they have a template and just simply photoshop the required elements into them or something? A good chunk of the movie posters we see look exactly like the movie posters for other movies. Heck, it gets to the point where sometimes it just feels like we keep watching the same movie over and over and over again. Have a look at the 13 most popular movie poster trends. (Movies.com)

If you thought America’s Got Talent would get softer than it is with Piers Morgan gone… you thought wrong. Bring on Howard Stern! (Entertainment Weekly)

Darren Aronofsky is damn good at turning people off from drugs. Sure these anti-drug use PSA’s doesn’t quite carry the same punch as the feature film Requiem for a Dream, but they’re still damn good. (Gawker)

I always love to check out a hockey flick. Perfect timing though. Just when the media is trying not to promote fighting in the NHL, here comes a long a film dedicated to those enforcers out there. Take a look at the comedy Goon starring Sean William Scott. (JoBlo) and if you’re interested… there’s the red band trailer as well. (IGN)

He’s still keeping his cards hidden but Ridley Scott spills a few more tidbits on Prometheus. (Wall Street Journal)

Nathan Filion. Pop culture rock star. (LA Times)

After taking a break to tackle the US market, the Wonder Girls are back in Korea with a new album. Here’s the first single off the their 2nd album Wonder World called Be My Baby.

Another video that could have easily fit into Steve’s Man-Lab posts. Ever get into a situation when a girl just flips out at you and you’re just there wondering what the heck just happened? This is all summed up in one word.

I’ve always loved watching The Hour when I was back in Canada, so here’s a nice interview that George Stroumboulopoulos did with Kermit the Frog!

What better way to generate more buzz for the game than to get Michael Bay to direct the trailer for it? Check out Need for Speed: The Run with a touch of Mr. Bay.

With his choice in films, we all know Leonardo DiCaprio is trying very hard to vie for that Oscar. Here’s a re-edited trailer of J. Edgar (which is out this weekend) that highlights Leo’s journey towards getting that coveted Best Actor award. Oh… he’s so determined that nothing will stop him. Not even Brad “He’s so charming in Moneyball” Pitt.

If you got some extra time, have a look at a classic French story of man, woman and… a scarf? Have a look at the short starring Max Minghella and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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