Entertainment Link-Off: Use the Force

I’m back for the latest edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. There is a wide selection of films to check out this weekend including the animated film Rango starring Johnny Depp, the thriller The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt or perhaps CBS’ modern adaptation of Beauty and the Beast called Beastly. Oh almost forgot, there’s also the much delayed release of the comedy Take Me Home Tonight starring Topher Grace and Teresa Palmer. If you’re not interested, you can still catch Teresa in the sci-fi actioner I Am Number Four.

After the jump, CW fail, some Oscars related tidbits that don’t necessarily involve James Franco, Charlie Sheen quotables, Darth Vader tackles a Toyota, first look at Tron Uprising and another round of movie charades for Modern Family.

We all know The CW is in a pretty bad shape right now. None of its current shows are reaching the ratings heyday back when it was UPN and The WB. I always liked infographics and here’s another one to demonstrate how the current CW series fared against the brilliant but cancelled list from UPN and WB. Oh look, all the cancelled shows did better! (The TV Addict)

Meanwhile, over at fellow struggling network NBC, an upcoming episode of its comedy Community is set to pay homage to Pulp Fiction! That’s brilliant! Seriously, why aren’t more people watching this show??? (Zap2it)

Ever wonder how an Oscar can boost its box office take? Here’s a breakdown of how each award category can affect the movie’s money grabbing ability in theatres. (Box Office Quant)

Looking for a fun moviegoing experience? How about the Alamo Drafthouse? (Entertainment Weekly)

First look at Sentinel Prime from the upcoming Transformers flick. Looks pretty good so far. (Slashfilm)

Michael Bay speaks to Empire about the latest Transfomers flick. He once again admits the the second film of the franchise sucked. Oh and here’s the fun tidbit: he took a subtle backhanded jab at Tron Legacy. (Empire)

The King’s Speech took home the big prize at the Oscars on Sunday. So how does it rank among the other best pictures? Here’s a look at the best of the best pictures. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Star Wars fans, this one is for you. An infographic on the most iconic fictional vehicle ever… the Death Star. (Geeks Are Sexy)

Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch is going to hit theatres soon. Early reports might be mixed, but the film still looks quite visually stunning. Here’s a report from a set visit for the film. (Collider)

So Charlie Sheen’s personal life and nonsensical tirade has led to the abrupt cancellation of the hit TV show Two and a Half Men (thank goodness). Another fellow man that’s known for his random statements is anchorman Ron Burgundy. Are you able to differentiate who said what if a list of random statements were provided? Take the challenge and see! (College Humor)

Lunchtime poll alert! Back in the 80s and early 90s when Charlie Sheen’s movie career was on the upswing, he’s had a few highlights in his career. So what do you think would be his greatest #winning moment? (Entertainment Weekly)

Just because Charlie Sheen moments never get old, how about a time when he was actually ‘winning’ on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire back in 2000? (Movieline)

There are plenty of blink and you’ll miss it moments in film. Here are the top 10 most paused moments in movies and I’m sure you can guess what was number 1. It involves Sharon Stone and some interrogation scene. (Love Film)

Sad news GI Joe fans. Most of the cast of the first film won’t be returning… and that includes Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller. (Slashfilm)

College Humor has released a new online Star Wars inspired parody series called Troopers. The first installment stars Aubrey Plaza (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) as she plays a princess trapped by a ‘force field’. (College Humor)

First look alert, here’s the trailer for the upcoming animated series Tron Uprising which will serve as a prequel to the Tron Legacy film.

We’ve all seen the brilliant Volkswagon commercial during the Superbowl featuring a miniature Darth Vader. This time, he attempts to use the force on a Toyota…

As seen in Steve’s Wednesday Link-Off, here’s a video worth mentioning again. Eye candy galore alert! Jimmy Kimmel really knows how to stay fit with this workout routine known as the Hottie Body Hump Club.

On another Jimmy Kimmel related video, it looks like he’s dug up a potential frontrunner for Best Picture at next year’s Oscars. Here’s the American readaptation of The King’s Speech titled The President’s Speech. Wait… when was Mike Tyson knighted?

For those who missed the Oscars last weekend, Modern Family was back with another edition of movie charades. Of course, hilarity ensues.


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