Entertainment Link-Off: Happy 2011!

The new year is here! Here’s the first Entertainment Link-Off of 2011. Kicking things off is Beau Garrett. You can catch her as Gem in Tron Legacy, though you may have some trouble recognizing her in the film. Speaking of Tron Legacy, looks like the film is still doing decent business at the box office.

After the jump, Patton Oswalt thinks geek culture is dead, sci-fi movies defies physics, Tron rules Twitter, 3D overload and Freddie Wong is at it again with another awesome short.

You may agree or disagree with this but it’s a fun read. Patton Oswalt argues that geek culture is dead thanks to the wonderful world of the internet. (Wired)

Infographics are always fun to take a look at. Here’s a nifty report card on sci-fi films that featured bad physics. Let’s just say Star Wars didn’t do so hot. (io9)

There were rumblings that Zack Snyder’s next film Sucker Punch would be in 3D, but now it appears that it will remain in 2D. (Collider)

The internet has been around for a while though it certainly doesn’t feel like it. For those who want to see an online time capsule, well you got it. Take a look at the original Space Jam movie website. It hasn’t been touched in 14 years but the kicker is that the site is still working! (Slashfilm)

Tron Legacy is the king of Twitter!!! Not that it really matters since it didn’t translate to box office bucks. Plus, we all know the target audience for Little Fockers and True Grit aren’t exactly heavy Twitter users to begin with. (Mashable)

Red Letter Media has previous released ridiculously long reviews bashing Star Wars episode I and II. Well it’s no surprise that the review for Episode III has finally been released. If you got 110 minutes to spare, this is for you. (Collider)

Of course on the other end of the spectrum, The Empire Strikes Back has earned a spot in the National Film Registry. It’s only a matter of time that Return of the Jedi makes it too right? (Entertainment Weekly)

The main thing getting people to the theatres to see Black Swan isn’t the gripping story, the amazing performances or the amazing filmmaking involved with the movie. In fact, it’s the lesbian sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis that’s drawing attention. So how does it fare among the different girl on girl action? Movieline looks at them all for you! (Movieline)

Roger Ebert believes this short film deserves an Oscar. Well… perhaps it’s worth a look then! (Chicago Sun Times)

Since Toy Story 3 is the best reviewed film of the year, perhaps it is worthy of that Best Picture Oscar right? (Moviefone)

Now that 2010 is done, time to pay tribute to the shows we lost over the past year. I will miss you Dollhouse! (TV.com)

We first learned that Avatar topped the most pirated movies list last week. Now we see that Lost is the most pirated TV show out there. That’s not the big news though. Turns out Heroes fans contributed to its own cancellation. Congrats! (Torrent Freak)

Remember how Back to the Future II started with the same ending sequence as the first film? While most of us know that the entire sequence was actually reshot, not many of us bothered to take notice. The movie could have recycled the entire sequence but since it was shot 5 years apart and the leading lady was recast, it would explain the reason for re-filming. Take a look at the side by side comparison of the two scenes and note the differences.


I’ve never been a fan of having every film in 3D. There are only few rare occasions where I would like to see something that’s offered in such a format but I find it annoying so many films are post-converted for a cash grab. Now take a look at 37 film promotions that features ‘3D’ in two minutes. Please tell me you’re just as annoyed as I am at the end of it.


I’ve always loved what Freddie Wong has to offer in terms of his short films. Here’s an awesome first person shooter short that stays truer to any video game out there (in this case Call of Duty) than the Hollywood flicks. Steve already featured this in the Wednesday Link-Off, but it doesn’t hurt to plug it again.


And what better way to kick off the new year by having Sam Jackson say motherf***** multiple times.


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