Entertainment Link-Off: Like Crazy

Well I’m back to write up another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Steve is probably glad he doesn’t have to throw in something last minute again. Anyway, there’s a handful of surprisingly rotten films this weekend at the box office. There’s the visual extravaganza The Immortals starring future Superman Henry Cavill. Also, there’s another Leonardo Dicaprio’s attempt at an Oscar (more on that later) in J. Edgar. Since I missed the release of Like Crazy from last week, I thought I just ignore the films this weekend and kick things off with British actress Felicity Jones.

After the jump, a few movie trailers to take a look at, the crew behind Harold and Kumar seem to do a lot of crazy things behind the scenes, movie posters all look the same, Strombo interviews Kermit the Frog and the Wonder Girls are back with a new music video! Continue reading