Entertainment Link-Off: Seeing Red

It’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Since there weren’t any films released this weekend that I wanted to talk about, let’s kick off with someone starring in an upcoming flick. Here’s Jamie Chung kicking ass in the latest Complex magazine photoshoot. Look out for her in Sucker Punch this March.

After the jump, a PG-13 version of The King’s Speech is in the works, some Office news, marketing fail on TV networks, Scott Pilgrim in 60 seconds, the return of Old Spice Guy and Elmo loves you too!

Big news from last week. So Tron Legacy wasn’t exactly a box office smash, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t already map out a possible sequel already. Here’s some tidbits on what could be included in the Tron Legacy DVD that would tie over to a possible future Tron film. (io9)

Infographics are always fun to check out. This time we get a look at ALL the Transformers Autobots. (Slashfilm)

One of the films I’m excited to see this year is alien invasion flick Battle: Los Angeles. Here’s a set report if you’re curious to hear about what happened behind the scenes. (Collider)

The trailers haven’t revealed much but we finally get a first look at the aliens in Battle: Los Angeles. Let’s just say it ain’t pretty. (Latino Review)

Ridley Scott’s “non-Alien prequel” Prometheus was set to hit theatres on March 9 2012. Disney/Pixar’s John Carter of Mars was moved from its original June release to that date to face off against the film. Turns out FOX decided to back out and move Prometheus to the June date that John Carter was supposed to come out. So I suppose the end box office tally will determine who gets the last laugh now. (AICN)

Harvey Weinstein wants to recut Oscar nominated film The King’s Speech to snag a PG-13 rating instead of its current R rating so that it’ll be open to a wider audience (which means more money). Due to a more lenient rating system in the UK, the film performed much better over there. However, there are two things to point out. One: The film likely appeals to more folks in the UK given its story. Two: Wouldn’t cutting out the f-bombs ruin the integrity of the film? (LA Times)

Oscar nominations were announced earlier in the week and like last year there are 10 nominees for best picture. Here’s a fun look at these films… in LEGO style! (Collider)

Now we all know that Jesse Eisenberg (star of The Social Network) is set to host SNL and it looks like the folks behind SNL are also trying to lure Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg to cameo alongside him. Now what are the chances that it’s gonna happen? (NY Post)

The biggest news out of Sundance isn’t which indie flick got the warmest praise or anything (though I am extremely excited to check out Like Crazy at some point). Instead the biggest newsmaker during the festival is during Kevin Smith’s screening of his latest flick Red State. As some may say, Kevin Smith is taking the indie movie model and spitting in its face. Agree or not, he is making a move to change the film release model. While I don’t necessarily his idea this time, I am interested to see how this will pan out. (Slashfilm)

Steve Carell might be leaving The Office, but they’re not letting him leave without a bang. Well it’s more like a desperate attempt to keep viewers in after he departs. Will Ferrell has signed on for a multi-episode arc! (Deadline)

Will Ferrell – cameo extraordinaire. A look back at his more memorable brief appearances in film and television. (Movieline)

First look: Ricky Gervais in The Office… US version. (NBC)

The new NBC Universal logo is less than exciting so here’s some slogans that can help drum up some laughter excitement. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Speaking of taglines or slogans that are to generate some buzz, over at The CW, they’re trying to get Vampire Diaries watchers to catch a sexually transmitted disease. (Entertainment Weekly)

In other CW-fail related news, their last minute decision to hold off Smallville and Supernatural for another week in favour of VD and Nikita has pissed off a lot of fans. (Zap2it)

A look at what “Modern Family” says about modern families. (NY Times)

Haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim? Fear not, here’s Scott Pilgrim in 60 seconds!


The ads for the Oscars have been released. While I have to say, having multiple hosts is usually not a good idea, this just might work out given that it’s James Franco and Anne Hathaway after all. The promo looks somewhat promising.


At Sundance this week, one of the notable films that were screened is the documentary Being Elmo. The story focuses on Elmo’s portrayer Kevin Clash and his rise in the puppeteer world. Anyway, here’s a video showing Elmo posing with a pregnant fan. Funny thing is that you see Clash put on the Elmo puppet yet his presence fades into the background as Elmo comes to life.


And in case you didn’t know, Old Spice guy is back with new informative commercials.



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