Entertainment Link-Off: The Envelope Please

Since she’s one half of the Academy Awards hosting team, here’s Anne Hathaway.

The Oscars are this weekend. Obviously, Ricky Gervais won’t be allowed there. That hasn’t stopped him from writing a slip for the opening monologue for the show. (RickyGervais.com)

In fact, not only will Gervais not be at the Oscars, he won’t even be watching the show. (Hollywood Reporter)

And speaking of people not allowed at the Oscars, I’m going to guess Charlie Sheen won’t be allowed there. Hell, he’s not even allowed on CBS after the network shut down Two and a Half Men for the season. (HitFix)

After the jump, the latest details on some movies in development, the worst actors in Hollywood and leaked Two and a Half Men footage.

One movie that will never win an Oscar is the upcoming Uncharted movie. That’s because David O. Russell doesn’t know what the fuck he is on about when it comes to Uncharted. (/Film) If he’d just admit he’s never played the game and won’t play it and won’t follow the story of the game, maybe we’ll let him off the hook.

More likely to win an Oscar is the next Affleck/Damon movie project. It’s about New York Yankee wife swapping in the 1970s. However, one of the Yankees involved in the wife swapping doesn’t want to be immortalized in film. (New York Post)

I’m not sure what qualifies a movie for an Oscar but I hope the Ayrton Senna documentary gets a look from the Academy in 2012. Here’s a review of Senna. (Forbes)

Here’s a look at the hit Adult Swim block of programming on Cartoon Network. (Los Angeles Times)

It looks like Jennifer Lopez is trying to rehab her backstage American Idol image by crying on air. I’m not buying it. (The Wire)

Remember Jason Frank? He was the Green Ranger in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Well, he’s an MMA fighter and clothing mogul. And he’s also getting into backstage dust-ups. Very Power Ranger-esque. (The Cage Door)

Speaking of odd celebrity brawls, two odd celebrities will get involved in the fake brawls of TNA Wrestling. Angelina, formerly of Jersey Shore, and Bart Scott, linebacker for the New York Jets, will both see action with TNA. (Camel Clutch Blog)

Here’s your odd Canadian TV fact of the day: More people watched women’s curling on Wednesday night than NHL hockey. (Slam Sports)

And in funny Canadian TV news, Swiss Chalet is setting up a temporary TV channel featuring rotisserie chicken to sell more chicken. (CBC)

Sarah Palin is fairly social media savvy. It looks like she has created some fake Facebook accounts to promote herself. Too bad she couldn’t cover her tracks. (Wonkette)

Let’s do a couple lists to close out this set of links. First, it’s the 50 worst actors in Hollywood history. I don’t think I can really argue with #1. (Complex)

And here are ten fake words from episodes of The Simpsons that need to be added to the real dictionary. (Guyism)

Let’s start the YouTubbery with an early favourite for Best Picture in 2012. It’s the teaser trailer for The Hangover 2.

Footage from the Two and a Half Men finale has been leaked. It’s a fitting way to end the series.

And here’s a hypothetical trailer for a hypothetical ET sequel. I sure hope this doesn’t give Hollywood any ideas. I can see them trying this.


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