Entertainment Link-Off: Pushed to the Edge

This weekend marks the release of 3 new major releases at the theatres. There’s Liam Neeson kicking some wolf ass in The Grey. Sam Worthington wants to jump off the ledge of a building. Oh there’s also a new Katherine Heigl movie. Yeah, we all cringed at the thought of that. Anyway, I was considering to start off the ELO with Yvonne Strahovski since last night was the series finale of Chuck. Then I realized I haven’t featured Mekenna Melvin during the show’s run since she appeared as Casey’s daughter Alex. So let’s kick off this week’s ELO with her!

After the jump, Chuck season 5 blooper reel, Pat Sajak was drunk behind the wheel but wasn’t charged for DUI, Oscars suck, new tidbit on The Hobbit, the return of Ferris Bueller and listen to Joseph Gordon-Levitt cover The Beatles!

Last night marked the series finale of a Lowdown favourite, Chuck. After a five season run, the show definitely ended on a satisfying note. Cheers to the Nerd Herders. Anyway, here’s a fun look at the season 5 blooper reel and some photos from the set. (Small Screen Scoop)

Chuck’s co-creator Josh Schwartz writes a goodbye article to the show. (Entertainment Weekly)

Breaking down the finale and perhaps answering some of your burning questions? Have a look at what Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak have to say about the show. (TV Line)

Definitely advertising money can’t buy. Delusional fans of the FOX show Alcatraz actually tried to break into the prison… (TMZ)

It’s very difficult to get product placement in Modern Family since the creator refuses to sell the soul of the show. Kudos for that! (Ad Age)

9 shows that tried to be the next Lost and failed. (Blastr)

Watch Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt take on Darth Vader. (Entertainment Weekly)

Pat Sajak and Vanna White used to hit up the bar before Wheel of Fortune tapings! How did I not know that Sajak had been drunk behind the wheel the entire time??? (NY Daily News)

Sony is planning to do a sneak peek at The Amazing Spider-Man. Sadly, looking at the list of cities, it appears that Canada got snubbed on this one. (Slashfilm)

Hot trailer of the week. Guy Pearce channels his inner Kurt Russell in the sci-fi action flick Lockout. For eye candy purposes, the movie also stars Maggie Grace. (IGN)

Given that the two Hangover films are huge money makers, it’s not entirely surprising to see the three main guys banding together to request for a hefty pay raise before starting up a third Hangover flick. Let’s just say the new amount they’re asking for is about 15 times more than what they made in the first film… (The Hollywood Reporter)

Don’t expect Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit to be the same as the novel page by page. In fact, the character that Evangeline Lilly plays doesn’t even appear in the book! In the latest interview, she spills some beans on who she plays and how prominently she’ll be featured in the films. (Collider)

Four years have passed since the release of Hot Fuzz and now it appears that Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are back together and working hard on the “blood and ice cream” trilogy and kick starting the third film called The World’s End. Wright posted this picture on Twitter to show the work in progress… (Twitpic)

One of the writiers for NBC’s Community Megan Ganz likes to doodle during meetings. Sounds like something we all like to do right? Well have a look at what she ends up drawing, it’s quite awesome. (Badass Digest)

Turns out the video game Silent Hill takes place in the same school as Kindergarten Cop. (Geeks are Sexy)

A surprisingly fun article to read. Defending Katherine Heigl… at the expense of Jennifer Aniston. (Pop Dose)

So the Oscar nominations were announced fairly recently and to be honest, I wasn’t particularly interested with what they came up with this year. I thought last year was going to be a snoozefest, but clearly I’m wrong. Anyway, something that isn’t as boring is a look at 9 rejected 2012 Oscar campaign posters. It’s good for a laugh. (Next Movie)

Based on the Oscar noms, we can also come to another conclusion. The Academy hates sex. (Film School Rejects)

Liam Neeson sure is taking on a lot of action roles lately. You can see him punching wolves in the latest flick The Grey. So the question is, who should he be punching next? Let’s speculate. (NPR)

Commercial teasers seem to be the rage these days in anticipation of the Superbowl. First we got “The Bark Side”, now it looks like Matthew Broderick is returning as Ferris Bueller… except the ad is meant to sell some Hondas.

Sometimes it comes in handy to have Jedi powers… especially on a lazy day.

Harry Potter fans. Give this butter beer recipe a try?

I love it everytime Joseph Gordon-Levitt breaks out the guitar and performs a cover. This time, he tackles Hey Jude.


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