Entertainment Link-Off: Back to December

No wide releases at the box office this weekend so it’ll be the same old battle between sparkling vampires and Muppets for the top spot. Anyway, just gonna kick off the latest ELO with Korean pop star (and also fellow Canadian) G.NA.

After the jump, have a look at the new trailer for the sci-fi epic John Carter, Universal Studios is closing Jaws, another Harry Potter theme park may be on its way, the Prometheus trailer leak made everyone but the FOX Films CEO happy, Hanson releases their own beer and William Shatner takes on Carrie Fisher.

If the first teaser trailer didn’t leave you with a lasting impression of John Carter, perhaps this longer theatrical trailer will leave you wanting to see this sci-fi epic in March 2012. (IGN)

John Carter director Andrew Stanton also reveals his agenda on changing the way movies are made. (Bleeding Cool)

Say it isn’t so! Universal Studios Florida is shutting down the Jaws attraction to make room for something new. (The Baltimore Sun)

If Universal Studios get their way, Florida will not be the only home of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hollywood is going to land one too! Can you hear the cash flowing in already? (LA Times)

WTF casting of the week. Novak Djokovic will be appearing in The Expendables 2. Don’t worry, it’s just a cameo… (Slashfilm)

The new poster for Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods promises lots of twists and turns. (AICN)

The Oscars is several months away, but here are the predictions for the possible 10 biggest snubs at the awards show in 2012. (Pajiba)

Speaking of Oscars and awards, let’s speculate what are the possible things that The Muppets can get their hands on when award season rolls around. (Collider)

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts or perhaps just simply wanting to add to your Lego collection, here’s a list of the 15 best Star Wars Lego sets. (Gadget Review)

Fox Film Entertainment CEO Tom Rothman is very disappointed that the teaser trailer of Prometheus has been leaked online. On the bright side, the fan reaction to the trailer so far has been very positive. (MTV)

Well you’ve seen the magazine scans last week, now here are the high resolution pictures from the film Prometheus. (Slashfilm)

I know you would want to get your hands on one of these, so here’s a complete guide to James Bond cars. (Complex)

Could this be the end of television?!?! For the first time in Nielsen history, TV ownership has dropped! (Entertainment Weekly)

Curious to see where you can catch The Dark Knight prologue in IMAX? Take a look at the list of screens where you can catch some Batman action before the film opens in the summer. (Collider)

For those that miss Friday Night Lights, here’s a nice summary of the cast’s current and upcoming projects so you can see their faces on the screen again. (Entertainment Weekly)

I’m sure you remember the band Hanson and their biggest hit Mmmbop. While they’re still producing music, let’s just say they’re not as big as they once were. That means, it’s time to add things to the repertoire. Now they’ll be launching their own beer! MmmHop anyone? (Contact Music)

Bring on the war of the words. William Shatner responds to Carrie Fisher’s video about Star Wars being better than Star Trek.

It’s the beginning of December, so it’s the right time to get into the Christmas spirit. Let’s start it off with She & Him performing one of the classics.

Finally, listen to Bruno Mars sing about not giving up… with the help of some Sesame Street folks.

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