Entertainment Link-Off: Live My Life

This weekend at the box office, you can catch some Navy SEALs in action in Act of Valor. There’s also the comedy Wanderlust starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. As alternative programming, Amanda Seyfried stars in the thriller Gone. Funny enough, only Wanderlust is currently carrying a fresh rating. Anyway, I’ll kick off this entry with Ms. Seyfried here.

After the jump, quite a few articles on the upcoming flick John Carter, MPAA got it wrong again, an alternate take on Ghost Rider, Star Wars porn is better than The Phantom Menace, Community returns, a bit more on Linsanity and new music from Far East Movement and Jason Chen.

This is a bit of a fun read. The story behind getting John Carter to the big screen is quite interesting and dates back to the 30s! Heck, back in the 90s, Tom Cruise nearly became John Carter himself! (Slashfilm)

For those who complain how John Carter looks like a Star Wars ripoff, allow this article to explain. Without John Carter, there would be no Star Wars. (IGN)

Check out this sweet John Carter poster that will be given out with those attending midnight IMAX screenings for the film. (LA Times)

For those looking for a small laugh. A ‘cross-over’ between Wolverine and John Carter at the John Carter press junket. (Comic Book Movie)

Another sign that the MPAA in the States is irrelevant. They just slapped the documentary Bully (see the trailer here) with an R rating for ‘language’. The documentary focuses on how kids and their families deal with bullying in schools. If kids are exposed to that ‘language’ in schools, how would viewing this documentary make things worse? In fact, this film raises awareness of this problem that’s going on yet the MPAA is going to restrict its audience. Brilliant. Just brilliant. (Deadline)

Seeing how poorly received the latest Ghost Rider movie is, perhaps it’s a good time to have a look at what an R-rated Ghost Rider film treatment could have been like. If you got time, this is a fun read. (Wendago)

A study shows that cracking down on piracy will only reduce box office receipts by 7%. (LA Times)

Hilarious comic showing how content distributors are screwing themselves over and perhaps encouraging piracy. Here’s “I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened”. (The Oatmeal)

The new trailer for Wrath of the Titans have lots of monsters in there. I repeat, lots of monsters. (Apple)

New trailer for American Reunion and it looks solid. American Pie will always be one of those comedies that hold a special place in my heart and I’m seriously looking forward to this one. (Yahoo)

Two hilarious clips from the upcoming 21 Jump Street. (Joblo)

Movie review aggregators are the rage! (The Wrap)

LOL of the day: A porn parody of Star Wars is better reviewed than The Phantom Menace. (Movieline)

Sacha Baron Cohen has been quasi-banned from the Oscars because the folks at the Academy are fearful of what crazy antics he might come up with on the red carpet. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Non-shocker of the day. Majority of Oscar voters are old white males. (LA Times)

J.K. Rowling reveals her next novel will be targeted towards adults. However, she remains hush about the details of the story. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Mark your calendars! Community is returning on March 15th on NBC! (Collider)

Blink and you miss it. Did you catch the Conan O’Brien cameo in the latest How I Met Your Mother episode? (Huffington Post)

Want to know the difference between a geek and a hipster? Look no further. (Geeks are Sexy)

Working as an extra on Game of Thrones seems like a fun gig right? (MTV)

A nice small read on the collapse of primetime television. (The TV Addict)

One way to celebrate the longevity/500 episode run of The Simpsons… is to have a look at other 244 shows that were canned during that timeframe. (Screen Junkies)

I didn’t see this collaboration coming, but I guess that’s what they were going for right? Far East Movement teamed up with Justin Bieber for their new single Live My Life. It sounds surprisingly good. Have a listen. (Rolling Stone)

This fan re-cut trailer for John Carter does a better job showcasing the film than any of the official promos so far.

Another video that can easily make one of Steve’s Man-Lab Link-Offs. Here’s KevJumba showing a montage of clips of what you should not say to women.

Caught Lin the act. Everyone is getting into the Linsanity but is it getting a little too much? Probably not, but it is getting between this couple. Have a look at Linappropriate.

New music alert. Here’s Jason Chen’s latest music video for Solo Player (Game for Two).

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