Sunday Link-Off: They Actually Made Me Go to Rehab

kim-cloutier-soma14-01If you’re not here in Canada, you might not know that this is a holiday weekend. It’s our version of the May long weekend coinciding with the third Monday of the month while America’s Memorial Day is on the fourth Monday. The more you know… not that you needed to know that. I like to educate every now and then.

And since this is a Canadian holiday weekend, we should start this post with a Canadian model. Here’s Kim Cloutier. Really, no one else could kick off this post.

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson was fired because she demanded equal pay to her male predecessor. That’s a sad state of affairs when that happens. (The New Yorker)

How far behind male colleagues was Abramson? Only about $100,000. (Politico)

It’s not just the Fair Elections Act that the Harper Government is missing the mark with. Everyone from lawyers to NGOs to the victims of cyberbullying are opposed to the Canadian Government’s cyberbullying bill. And you want to elect Harper’s Ontario lieutenant. (Vice)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Red Line

kate-upton-christie-brinkley-styleawards13-01It’s the end of the week which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s go two-for-one with the opening pic with Kate Upton and Christie Brinkley. You know, Christy might be 28 years Kate’s senior but looks every bit as good.

This time one year ago, both the Democrats and Republicans agreed that the “red line” in Syria was the use of chemical weapons. Well, that certainly seems to have changed. (NBC News)

With the US House of Representatives likely to deny the President the ability to launch a punitive offensive against Syria, what questions should we be asking about the use of chemical weapons against civilians in the country and the actions that should be taken in response? (New York Times)

Here’s a quiet bit of finance news that should be a big deal. Thomson Reuters allegedly sold economic data to traders two seconds early which allowed their computers to get ahead of the market. (Rolling Stone)

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