Wednesday Link-Off: Winds of Change

Let’s go a bit unexpected off the top of this edition of the Wednesday links and lead with Kat Dennings.

After Monday’s game changing federal election in Canada, here’s a look at the numbers behind the changes in government. (Five Thirty Eight)

The CFL Canadian Draft is this weekend. TSN’s Duane Forde gets you ready for the CFL’s big day. (TSN)

And in other big Canadian news, UFC 129 was this past weekend. For the first time ever, Dana White didn’t give the belt to the main event winner. That honour went to a Canadian man with a pretty cool story. (Cagewriter)

After the jump, sports’ big money earners, Osama bin Laden stories and an Aussie V8 supercar in a super fireball.

Speaking of the UFC, Dana White is running his mouth a bit much. Now he’s starting to catch some flack for his tweets about Jenna Jameson. (Bloody Elbow)

Soccer players are put on bans from sex before big matched. Tennis players, on the other hand, are down to fuck all the time. (USA Today)

One caps fan in Washington really should rethink what her customized jersey says. I’m not sure it comes off how she wants. (Puck Daddy)

ESPN looks at the highest paid athletes in each sport. After reading this, I’m taking up darts. (ESPN)

And back to news and current events. Here is a list of the five most essential reads about Osama bin Laden. (Byliner)

A Letterman show writer talks about the first team meeting after 9/11. (Bill Scheft)

Scientists have broken up people into five personality types. Which one do you think you fall into? (Daily Telegraph) If you were wonder (and you weren’t but humour me), I’m either open or agreeable. Can’t really figure out which.

What happens when smart people examine the economics of using the Death Star to blow up a planet? Awesomeness. (Overthinking It)

A couple of galleries before the YouTube-age. First, it’s the best sports animated GIFs of the month of April. (SB Nation)

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, here’s a flowchart to help you figure out who to cheer for. (Sports Pickle)

Here’s this weekend’s great racing video. A car gets hit from behind and burst into flames.

Budweiser sure knows how to do a fancy promotion. They upsized pool to make pool ball… Or is it downsized soccer.

Real life Super Mario Brothers? Hell yeah!


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