F1 Chinese Grand Prix: More Races, More Problems

I think we’ve gone over this a few times on the blog but the easiest way to make an F1 race exciting is for there to be a little bit of chaos to shake up the order. Often, it’s changing weather conditions that do the trick. For the Chinese Grand Prix, it was a melee at the start that mixed up the field and forced racing to happen.

Of course, as usual, racing didn’t happen at the front of the field. Nico Rosberg didn’t lead the whole way but it wasn’t like he was strongly challenged for the win either as he scored his third win of the season and sixth-in-a-row going back to 2015.

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F1 December News Roundup: All the Rules Changes You Have

It’s only been three weeks since we last did a Formula One post but given the news from last week, I think we’re definitely due. Last week, the FIA announced some new rules for the 2014 and 2015 seasons and I believe that they’ve earned themselves some rants with their decisions.

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F1 Hungarian GP: I Went to an F1 Race and a Parade Broke Out

f1-2013-hungary-hamilton-victoryThis year’s Hungarian Grand Prix was a downright stonker of a race featuring a grand total of five on-track passes (two passes on equal tyres and no DRS). And you wonder why I’m constantly down on this race and this track. Lewis Hamilton qualified for the race on the pole and shockingly managed to convert that into a win on the notoriously hard to pass track.

Fortunately, if you were looking for excitement, there was all sorts of interesting Formula One news since the last race. As is often the case at the Hungaroring, you just have to look off-track for the action.

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F1 Chinese GP: Time for Tyres

The talk about tyres has been growing since Pirelli took over as the sole tyre manufacture in Formula One. This weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix saw tyres and pit strategy play a significant part. Fernando Alonso won the race but he certainly wasn’t what people were talking about. Even on the podium, the drivers were talking amongst themselves about the effect the tyres had on the race.

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Could F1 Be Down to 18 Races This Year?

No sooner did my monthly F1 news recap go live than news broke that the German Grand Prix could be off the calendar. Bernie Ecclestone told the German newspaper Spiegel that he and the bosses at the Nurburgring could not come to an agreement that was “financially acceptable” so negotiations had been terminated.

The Nurburgring went into administration (the European equivalent of bankruptcy) last year. However, being tight on funds looks to have resulted in the circuit being unable to pay Bernie’s more than likely exorbitant sanctioning fee to host the race this year. Continue reading

F1 December News Roundup: Prepping For 2013

During the off-season, we’ll be doing periodic updates of the goings on in Formula One. With the recent announcement of F1’s rules for 2013 and 2014 and the ongoing discussion as to what, if anything, will replace the postponed New Jersey Grand Prix, there hasn’t been a shortage of news. Bernie has also been talking about the current team lineup and decided that F1 doesn’t need 13 teams. He thinks ten is enough.

First, though, I’ve been giving some thought to the McLaren driver situation. At first, I thought signing Sergio Perez was swapping Hamilton with someone aggressive and fast enough to be Hamilton-esque. After some thought, I think Perez’s driving style could mesh enough with Jenson Button that he could be a bigger threat to win the title than his more experienced teammate. Continue reading

F1 European GP: Hometown Hero

For the first time this season, we have a repeat winner. It was only appropriate that the driver who has gotten the most out of his equipment this season and was racing in a home race was the first driver to win two races this year as Fernando Alonso picked up the surprise win. For a race on the streets of Valencia, this race was full of drama with passing and crashing a regular occurrence. The race will also be remembered for Michael Schumacher scoring the first podium of his comeback as he scored a hard-fought third place finish. Continue reading

2010 Chase For The F1 Championship

Last year, I did a hypothetical experiment that looked at what would happen to the F1 title chase if Bernie Ecclestone insisted upon adopting NASCAR’s Chase for the Cup format. With Fernando Alonso coming up one race short of winning the title and Sebastian Vettel coming from third place in the standings to win his first title. So how would this year’s epic World Championship turn out under the NASCAR Chase for the Cup playoff format? I take a look at the 2010 championship, as well as every season dating back to 2003, after the jump. Continue reading

Formula One: Italian GP to Run on Full Monza Circuit

In a move to improve the quality racing at the upcoming Italian Grand Prix, Formula One Management and Italian GP organizers have announced modifications to Monza ahead of this year’s race. Instead of running on the configuration used in 2009, the stars of F1 will run on the historic (and dangerous) full circuit at Monza. Continue reading

Formula 1: Bernie Could Become A Manufacturer

The new head of General Motors Europe recently revealed one of the groups that are considering a bid for Saab. It turns out that Formula One Supremo Bernie Ecclestone is part of a bidding group that includes Luxembourg-based venture capital group Genii Capital (also the majority owner of Renault F1). Of course, while Bernie is making big waves off track, he’s still making news in Formula One. Continue reading