Wednesday Link-Off: Story Time

It’s Wednesday which means that the we weren’t destroyed by a giant asteroid last night. To celebrate not being obliterated, here is Kat Dennings. Insert easy “heavenly bodies” joke here.

By now, I’m sure you’ve read all about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal. I don’t think you need me adding my two cents but Drew Magary has a theory as to why Joe Paterno didn’t do more than go to his AD. (Deadspin)

Never one to let a good story make people feel happy, The Atlantic is trying to poke holes in the story of Navy SEAL Team 6 catching Osama Bin Laden. (The Atlantic Wire)

Yogi Berra goes to see Moneyball. I don’t think the movie ended until the fat lady sang. (Wall Street Journal)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Winds of Change

Let’s go a bit unexpected off the top of this edition of the Wednesday links and lead with Kat Dennings.

After Monday’s game changing federal election in Canada, here’s a look at the numbers behind the changes in government. (Five Thirty Eight)

The CFL Canadian Draft is this weekend. TSN’s Duane Forde gets you ready for the CFL’s big day. (TSN)

And in other big Canadian news, UFC 129 was this past weekend. For the first time ever, Dana White didn’t give the belt to the main event winner. That honour went to a Canadian man with a pretty cool story. (Cagewriter)

After the jump, sports’ big money earners, Osama bin Laden stories and an Aussie V8 supercar in a super fireball. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: When Life Interrupts

It’s time for the Wednesday links. Here’s Kat Dennings who is in the upcoming movie Thor… Yeah, that’s all I’ve got on her.

Tom Bissell was an award-winning writer until he fell into a slightly Grand Theft Auto lifestyle. This is his story. (The Guardian)

As is increasingly becoming the case, social media keeps getting in the way of real life. (Wall Street Journal)

And I thought this was an interesting article. Romantic breakups and rejections actually register in the same part of the brain as physical pain. (Fox News)

After the jump, Chris Pronger is winning, your perfect Facebook girlfriend and the Mighty Ducks rap. Continue reading