Wednesday Link-Off: Define “Essential”

alice-panikian-lasenza13-04It’s nice to start off the week with two racing recap posts. I quite enjoy writing those. By the way, have you checked out Freshly Pressed today? My latest gaming column from et geekera got picked up there.

Anyway, between motorsports stories, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Alice Panikian.

Can you really consider John Boehner the leader of the GOP in Congress when you consider that he can’t seem to keep anyone in line. (The Hill)

Congress sure has a weird idea of what’s considered essential. The Congressional gym is considered essential and is still open. (Think Progress)

It’s not just America that is having political intrigue with money. It cost the Ontario government $1.1 billion to cancel a gas power plant project in Oakville and Mississauga. How the hell does that happen? (Toronto Sun)

It’s not just the old media who are dying. All news media are getting less attention from the younger crowd. If they weren’t biased, agenda pushing excuses for news organizations, I doubt this would be an issue. (Poynter)

The two physicists behind the Higgs boson, François Englert and Peter Higgs, were awarded the Nobel Physics Prize. Here’s an explanation of the Higgs boson. (New York Times)

A kid asked who would win between a ninja and a Navy SEAL. Admiral William McRaven, head of the military’s U.S. Special Operations Command, had an answer. (Gawker)

In response to SI’s Twitter list, Deadspin has their worst sports Twitter accounts to follow… Or not follow, I guess. They’re generally not wrong with this one. (Deadspin)

The Atlanta Braves aren’t getting a lot of love from baseball fans because of a very odd compulsion to make sure people respect the game while forgetting that baseball is supposed to be fun. Now, they’ve turned their back on club legend Chipper Jones for picking the Dodgers over them in their NLDS series. (Deadspin)

He may be coming off a recent heart attack and be 63-years-old but Jerry “The King” Lawler is still in the ring. (The Masked Man)

What does your Twitter bio say about you? (New York Times)

How does a baseball stadium become a football stadium overnight? Here’s how it happens in Oakland.


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