Wednesday Link-Off: Conventional Views

nina-agdal-calvinklein13-01I can’t really think up an intro for today’s set of the links so we may as well just get straight to the action. Let’s kick it off with Nina Agdal who hasn’t made an appearance on the blog in the last four months. May as well fix that now.

Recently re-elected New Jersey governor Chris Christie thought that Mitt Romney’s political strategists weren’t any good during his Presidential campaign. Naturally, he went out and hired them for his gubernatorial campaign. (Yahoo News)

Are you having your kids vaccinated? You should. Vaccine-preventable diseases are on the rise thanks to people denying science. (Globe & Mail)

Just what are “conventional views” in America? One Washington Post columnist implies that conventional views in America are racist. (Talking Points Memo)

On Remembrance Day, Sean Hannity spent more time talking about the mythical war on Christmas than actually honouring veterans. (Media Matters)

We don’t hear much about the danger of MMA apart from stereotypes from the uneducated masses. However, there are still dangers to being an MMA fighter. (The Star Ledger)

Kathryn Schulz talks about how she fell in love with Twitter after initially mocking it. (New York Magazine)

As great as Twitter is, there is a downside. There’s a chance that people are reading your tweets that you’d rather didn’t and it’ll cost you. (New York Times)

With Christmas coming up soon and shopping needing to be done, what are some popular authors reading this fall. (The Daily Beast)

Some Russian police sang Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. The music video was pretty good.

Boogie 2988 looks inside the PlayStation 4’s box ahead of Friday’s launch. Looks pretty cool if you ask me.


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