All The Ways Samuel L. Jackson Says “Fuck”

Legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson has become a Twitter legend during the Olympics. His live tape-delay commentary of the Olympics has been the most enjoyable American coverage. It’s probably more insightful than what’s on NBC. It’s definitely better than CTV’s track and field coverage. Not surprisingly, Sam’s favourite word on Twitter is the good old-fashioned f-bomb. However, he can’t seem to spell it the same way twice.

So to celebrate the end of the London 2012 Olympics, here’s every different permutation of ┬áSam Jackson spelling “fuck” on Twitter. Continue reading


An Infographic About Steve’s Favourite Word: F*ck

I’m not sure I’d call it my favourite word but if you ask Jackie (or just about anyone else I know, for that matter), my most frequently used word is the classic F-bomb. It’s often considered just a profanity but it’s greatness comes from its versatility. It can mean many things, be used in many situations and be expressed in many different ways.

Today, I found an infographic on the meanings and history of the word “fuck.” For the sake of censorship, it’s after the jump. Continue reading