Sunday Link-Off: Social Media Meltdown

It’s the end of another week so it’s time for another set of links. I was hoping to kick off this post with an as of yet undiscovered woman but the return of Jennifer Love Hewitt is definitely a treat.

Twitter is the current big social network but it has one small problem: Nobody at Twitter had any idea as to how to make money from the damn thing. (Gawker)

Social media has also brought to light LRA leader Joseph Kony. However, the Invisible Children charity that’s taken social networks by storm with their Kony 2012 video have taken care of a tweet first, ask questions later public to distort the facts surrounding their case. Here’s a breakdown of what’s really going on with Kony. (Foreign Policy)

The biggest benefit for Invisible Children from the Kony campaign is the increased fundraising. But that increased money that the charity is raising isn’t likely to support the cause. (Jezebel)

After the jump, there’s a Hulk Hogan sex tape, the greatest TV network seasons of all-time and revenge of the carjacked.

Glen Grunwald might go down as the worst GM in Toronto history. Glen had a chance to trade Vince Carter for Dirk and Nash but turned the deal down. (Sportsnet)

This Q&A brings up a good point: If dog killer or rapist or woman beater can get a second chance, why has Sean Salisbury not gotten one? (Jeff Pearlman)

Tangentially related to that: A LSU female soccer player is trying out for the LSU football team. (WDSU)

Whatchya gonna do, Hulkamaniacs? Whatchya gonna do when the Hulk Hogan sex tape runs wild on you? (The Sun)

The Hulk Hogan sex tape is just one of several sex tapes that no one wants to see. (Pajiba)

Here’s a list that serves two purposes: The first is to determine the best season each network has ever had. The second is to determine what the greatest TV season of all-time is. (Warming Glow)

On that note, Community just picked up an award. This season’s Remedial Chaos Theory was just named the greatest sitcom episode ever. (SplitSider)

Bob’s Burgers is back this weekend with its season premiere. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out on one of TV’s most underrated shows. (Grantland)

If it wasn’t for script re-writes and a second set of eyes, what would we have ended up with for some movie monsters? Some hilariously bad ones. (Cracked)

How do you win a popularity contest student election at the University of Calgary? Use posters that compliment guys’ dicks. (Gawker)

Best. Restaurant review. Ever. The best restaurant in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is the Olive Garden. Noma’s got nothing on this place. (Grand Forks Herald) No, seriously, I don’t think Redzepi’s ever gotten a review that good.

Speaking of reviews, here’s a collection of review summaries for Mass Effect 3. (Joystiq)

Since we’ve featured quite a bit of Hulk Hogan in this post, how about a hilarious highlight package of Hogan squaring off with Shawn Michaels.

Now that Peyton Manning is a free agent, we all want to know where he will end up. SI/Dan Patrick Show’s Andrew “McLovin” Perloff tries and comically fails to tell us where Manning’s going using poster board and mini helmets.

What would happen if the population of Grand Theft Auto took revenge for being car jacked? Freddie Wong thinks it’d be something like this.


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