Sunday Link-Off: What If…

nina-agdal-aerie13-11Well, it’s official. I was wrong about this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover. I thought SI would pass on Kate Upton for the second-straight time because she might have been overexposed and they could make waves and bigger headlines with a fresh face like Nina Agdal. Turns out that I was wrong and they think that Kate will sell more copies than the other options. So, for no particular reason, including bitterness, here’s Nina Agdal.

We’re less than a year from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and it sure looks like the Russians have been taking some liberties with their workforce while trying to get venues ready. (The Economist)

One of the most unexpected big topics in American politics this week was who the President can order to be killed. If Nixon was alive, he would certainly be an expert on that. (The New Yorker)

Speaking of Presidents of the United States, in his retirement, George W. Bush has become a bit of an artist. (Gawker)

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Entertainment Link-Off: E Pluribus Anus

Happy Memorial Day everyone! To celebrate America’s kickoff to the summer, I’m here to cover the entertainment and pop culture beat. What contest in hell did you people win to deserve this? There are alternatives to reading me this weekend. Men In Black III and Chernobyl Diaries are opening this weekend. Actually, you’d be better off locking yourself inside and grabbing MiB1 and Paranormal Activity off Netflix instead. Anyway, let’s start with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

What happens when a new technology threatens an ancient business model? A massive lawsuit! Fox, NBC and CBS are suing Dish Network over a new feature which eases skipping over ads on DVR. (Time)

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Sunday Link-Off: Four Seasons And A Netflix Revival?

It’s a holiday weekend here in Canada. SUCKERS! Okay, next weekend, the shoe’s on the other foot. For now: SUCKERS! Anyway, in honour of the Canadian holiday, here’s Canadian model Alyssah Ali.

Bad news! NBC has turfed Dan Harmon from his post as showrunner of Community. Alan Sepinwall looks at how this will affect the show. (HitFix) So should we change the official hashtag to #FourSeasonsAndANetflixRevival?

Jose Canseco is trying to make a comeback using Twitter and minor league baseball. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the current life of Jose Canseco. (Sportsnet Magazine)

Good news! BioWare is bringing back the crew of the Normandy to do voice-over work on the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC. (G4 TV)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. I’m doing the entertainment beat this week. This St. Patty’s Day, everybody’s a bit Irish. Except the movies because we’re still two weeks away from the next Liam Neeson movie, Wrath of the Titans. We do have two Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Fucking Swanson) movies with this weekend’s releases of 21 Jump Street and Casa de mi Padre. Right, before I go too far off-track, here’s one of the stars of Casa de mi Padre, Genesis Rodriguez.

Here’s one of the biggest and strangest stories to circulate the blogosphere in recent years. Folks are speculating that the tell-all blind item commenter “Himmmm” is actually Robert Downey Jr. That might actually be the ballsiest thing any A-list star has ever done if true. (Gawker)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Twitter Wars

It’s a busy week on the blog this week between the Hottest Canadian bracket and our 2012 F1 season preview. But we still have time for the mid-week links. To kick things off, we have… Miley Cyrus? I guess she’s not banking on Disney dollars anymore. And that’s a good thing.

The latest Twitter feud wasn’t so much a fight as an absolute massacre. It was Norm McDonald vs. Rick Reilly. If this was a boxing match, Norm would’ve won by KO in the first sixty seconds. (Awful Announcing)

For such an influential man in many lives, Don Cornelius’ death went by without much of a mention. The Times profiles the man and his fall from grace. (New York Times)

The new purpose of the Gawker Media Group is to out people behind anonymous comedy Twitter accounts. This includes their recent investigation of @DadBoner. (Deadspin)

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Sunday Link-Off: In Like A Lion

It’s the beginning of another week and another month here at The Lowdown Blog. I’m hoping to get a big post or two done this week. That’s unless the craptacular weather keeps screwing me up. Anyway, here’s Freida Pinto.

I remember watching this live on WDIV, AKA NBC Detroit, but I didn’t know the whole story. It’s an oral history of the Malice at the Palace. (Grantland) As an aside, because this is a feature article, Grantland won’t let you comment on the article. That difference in treatment between commenting on feature and blog articles is a massive failing of Grantland.

Mothers, lock up your daughters. Brett Favre is on Twitter. Fortunately for the sexting fiend, he’s getting some tips on how to properly use the social network. (Sports Pickle)

Obscenely cool fact of the day: Jon Hamm reads and used to comment on Deadspin. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Super Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for some more links. After yesterday’s Swimsuit Issue post, it’s only appropriate that I lead off with Canadian actress Jessica Pare. I figured I should mix things up.

CNBC sports business reporter was in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. He also demonstrated his inexplicably large ego and poor judgement when he blasted the Playboy Playmates at Playboy’s party on Twitter. Then everyone fought back. (The Big Lead)

And if you think Rovell is bad at the Playboy Party, you should see him at the dry cleaner. (Food Court Lunch)

Also of note from the Super Bowl is MIA inexplicably flipping off the camera. But just how did the middle finger become such a profane gesture. (BBC)

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