Wednesday Link-Off: Twitter Wars

It’s a busy week on the blog this week between the Hottest Canadian bracket and our 2012 F1 season preview. But we still have time for the mid-week links. To kick things off, we have… Miley Cyrus? I guess she’s not banking on Disney dollars anymore. And that’s a good thing.

The latest Twitter feud wasn’t so much a fight as an absolute massacre. It was Norm McDonald vs. Rick Reilly. If this was a boxing match, Norm would’ve won by KO in the first sixty seconds. (Awful Announcing)

For such an influential man in many lives, Don Cornelius’ death went by without much of a mention. The Times profiles the man and his fall from grace. (New York Times)

The new purpose of the Gawker Media Group is to out people behind anonymous comedy Twitter accounts. This includes their recent investigation of @DadBoner. (Deadspin)

After the jump, March Madness, the science of video game difficulty and Community returns tomorrow.

March Madness starts tomorrow. I know the First Four started last night but they don’t count in my bracket pools so they don’t count in real life. Anyway, since we’re seriously lacking Gus Johnson, here’s a collection of the best Gusgasms from the tournament. (Awful Announcing)

From the best of basketball to the worst. The Oregon 5A Girls’ Basketball state final was an unmitigated embarrassment. (Sports Grid)

How are the Washington Natinals (I spelled it right) getting people to the ballpark this year? With the 8-pound StrasBURGER. (DC Sports Bog)

On the topic of food, there is a new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavour dedicated to Mad Men. It even comes with gold flake just for fun. (Vulture) I really need to start watching this show.

And even when it comes to food, Disney still manages to be racist. Their only black princess is being used to sell watermelon candy. (Gawker)

There’s a new biggest gaming site in the world. Wikia, the for-profit venture version of Wikipedia, has just overtaken the IGN family of websites. (Venture Beat)

Ever notice how games now seem so much easier today than they were in the glory days of the Nintendo, SNES and even PS1? Well, science says that video games are actually comparably easy now. (Kotaku)

Here are the secrets to writing an email that someone will actually respond to. (Art of Manliness)

To round things out, how about a collection of funny Star Wars pictures. (Ned Hardy)

Shockingly not mentioned in this linkdump is that Community is back tomorrow night. Let me repeat: COMMUNITY IS BACK! THURSDAY AT 8:00PM! NBC!

Last minute blogging? Just like Danny Glover says, I’m getting too old for this shit.

Apple has really stepped up their game with the new iPad.


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