Sunday Link-Off: Economics 101

adriana-lima-victoriassecret13-03I didn’t have a lot of time to write this up yesterday. I’ve been busy building a PC… Or trying to build a PC. Let’s hope that it works as advertised. I’ve read good things and bad about that graphics card I got. It came in a bundle. I could’ve gone for something different and paid more. Still, I was amazed how much cheaper going AMD was than Intel & NVIDIA when gaming performance is similar. Right now, my biggest complaint is that it’s not as powerful as I expected but I’ll see if I can’t tweak a bit on that.

Right, it’s Sunday which means it’s time for the links. Let’s kick it off with Adriana Lima who surprisingly hasn’t been featured on the blog in nearly two years. It’s about time that I corrected that.

So the US deficit is being reduced but at what cost? Economists say that the cost cutting and tax increase plans agreed upon by both parties is slowing economic recovery. (The New York Times)

Remember Instagram? It was big before Facebook bought it and Twitter dropped integrated image support for the app. Anyway, here’s a look at the rise and Zuckerberg-ification of Instagram. (Vanity Fair)

One social network that isn’t in danger of going away anytime soon is Reddit. If you want news and memes fast, Reddit will have it first. (Ad Age)

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Man Lab Link-Off: Auld Lang Syne

It’s been almost two months since we last gave you our trademark collection of links for guys from our Man Lab. In our defense, we’ve been digging some good stuff up like Brazilian model Elisandra Tomacheski. Based on the disproportionately large number of models that come from there, I think we have to dedicate a Man Lab post to travelling to Brazil.

Ever find yourself in a situation that you just can’t handle? Here are six tip from a con man on how to get yourself through a situation where you’re out of your depth. (Art of Manliness)

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Sunday Link-Off: Let’s Make A Deal

If it’s Sunday, then it’s time for another set of our Sunday morning links. Let’s kick off with Candice Swanepoel who’s trying out of of Victoria’s Secret’s new workout attire. Insert easy workout joke here.

There’s bad breakups and then there’s this story from New York. A man decided to get revenge on his ex by framing her in a series of armed robberies. He almost got away with it too. (New York Times)

Good news for Canadians: Rob Faulds will be at the London Olympics and Rogers Sportsnet and TSN are putting their top anchors head-to-head in the morning. The bad news: Gord Miller is calling Track and Field. So much for watching the Olympics next year. (Fang’s Bites)

And speaking of failed broadcasting deals, the BBC is splitting F1 coverage with Sky Sports next year. Suffice to say, it’s not going over well. (Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Making An Impression

It’s time for another set of the Wednesday links. Just because this is the usual around here doesn’t mean we have to go with the usual to lead this one off. That’s why we’re kicking off with the return of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

For some reason, U2 played Spartan Stadium in Lansing, Michigan. And for another inexplicable reason, they’re paying to replace the sod at Spartan Stadium before the start of the new football stadium. It’s not like the Spartans are going to make good use of their new turf. (Off The Bench)

I’ll talk about it more on Friday but what does the continuing use of front-loaded long-term contracts mean for the NHL? (Puck Daddy)

How do you know you’re a minor-league indoor football league? When you change a rule at halftime of the championship game and retroactively apply it to the first half. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off: In The Gallery

In what could go down as the worst Maxim shoot ever, here’s Cameron Diaz. Cam, your best days are behind you. Be content to live off the residuals from There’s Something About Mary and Charlie’s Angels.

Sean Avery is making waves in the hockey world again but this time it’s for a good cause. Avery has publicly come out in favour of same-sex marriage. (Puck Daddy)

Coming soon is the behind-the-scenes book about ESPN. Well, the first excerpt has leaked and it’s pretty good… Even if all the names have been redacted. (Deadspin)

In not at all shocking news, reports say that the FIFA officials who hand out hosting rights to the World Cup are corrupt. Wait, did I say shocking? (The Big Lead)

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