Late Night Link-Off: Hustle

Let’s kick off with Jennifer Love Hewitt in a promotion photo shoot for a TV movie that aired long before the photos came out. Makes perfect sense to me.

Some possible ideas for Christmas gifts: It’s the nine essential smart phone apps for guys. I had two on my CrackBerry before even reading the article so it has to be right. (Guyism)

After the jump, the secret purpose of Facebook, celebs with Santa and a sexting PSA.

Looking for some help for your Oscars pool? The key to the Best Actress gong might be down to oral. And I’m not talking about dialogue. (Hollywood Reporter)

I believe that the title of this website is self-explanatory. (Hot Chicks In Batman Shirts)

Not too shockingly, there’s a video game developer that specializes in sex games. Naturally, they’ve been hard at work making a game for Kinect. (Kotaku)

We all suspected it but Facebook covertly gave away what it secretly was all about on the login page years ago. (Strike Gently)

And on a slightly related topic, here’s a look at what the time you turn in says about the night you had. (College Candy)

Tis the season for a photo gallery like this. It’s 20 celebs posing with Santa. (Manofest)

Pete Rose would like to inform you that you don’t stack up to Joe DiMaggio. (Sports Radio Interviews) I think the old adage about not buying the cow when all you want is the milk applies to Marilyn Monroe. If Charlie Hustle is right, she had a good reason to marry him.

Back when Red Bull Racing was Jaguar Racing, Mark Webber still kept his eyes on the prize as evidenced by this picture. (Ted Williams Head)

Here’s another one of our favourite recurring features on the internet. This one is Midwest Sports Fans’ faceoff. This edition is a battle between December leading ladies Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon. Who ya got? (Midwest Sports Fans)

And keeping with sports, here are the 30 most Googled female athletes in the world. (Total Pro Sports)

Despite the problems that Hollywood stars have with it, here’s the long-awaited PSA in favour of sexting. It’s slightly very NSFW.

And here’s some very nice Christmas wishes form Intimissimi and Irina Shayk.


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