Wednesday Link-Off: Making An Impression

It’s time for another set of the Wednesday links. Just because this is the usual around here doesn’t mean we have to go with the usual to lead this one off. That’s why we’re kicking off with the return of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

For some reason, U2 played Spartan Stadium in Lansing, Michigan. And for another inexplicable reason, they’re paying to replace the sod at Spartan Stadium before the start of the new football stadium. It’s not like the Spartans are going to make good use of their new turf. (Off The Bench)

I’ll talk about it more on Friday but what does the continuing use of front-loaded long-term contracts mean for the NHL? (Puck Daddy)

How do you know you’re a minor-league indoor football league? When you change a rule at halftime of the championship game and retroactively apply it to the first half. (Deadspin)

After the jump, Kobayashi kinda beats Chestnut, the best street art of the year and the meaning of Toto’s Africa.

Joey Chestnut may have won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest but did he lose the war? Doing his own thing for a crowd, eating legend Kobayashi ate an unofficial record 69 dogs. (Off The Bench)

Coming soon to a TV near you: Another eight Thursday night football games. But just who will win the contract? (Fang’s Bites)

Who doesn’t love a good animated GIF? Here are GIFs of MLB closer celebrations and what categories they fall into. (Baseball Nation)

Remember that report about the poor working conditions on the LA Noire development team? Well, it looks like Rockstar is stopping working with Team Bondi as a result. (IGN)

Details are starting to leak about the inevitable PlayStation 4. It looks as though the PS4 may have Kinect-style motion controls. (Kotaku)

The death of the Oxford comma has been greatly exaggerated. But how about the concept of a Shatner comma. I could get behind that. (Los Angeles Times)

I’m going to try to get through this next story without laughing too much: Justin Bieber magazine covers routinely sell poorly at the newsstand. (WWD Media)

How is Comedy Central counter-programming Ashton Kutcher’s debut on Two and a Half Men? By running a roast of Charlie Sheen. #Winning (Hollywood Reporter)

Good news: Studies suggesting that there might be a risk of cancer from cell phone use might be premature. (Yahoo News/Reuters)

Wonder how progress on the new World Trade Center is coming? Here’s a photo tour of the construction progress. (Gothamist)

Here are 106 photos of the best street art of 2010. I wish street art was as cool where I live. (Street Art Utopia)

Ever wonder what the lyrics of Toto’s hit Africa really means? Author Steve Almond has the answer.

And for no real reason, here’s EpicMealTime doing a candy pizza. How these guys aren’t 400-pound diabetics, I’ll never know.

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