Wednesday Link-Off: Risky Business

jenn-sterger-1Here’s Jenn Sterger who’s been making news lately. More on her in a bit.

I’ve had some bad coaches growing up but they were mostly of the incompetent kind. But the stars of the Asshole Coach Digest take the cake. (Deadspin)

Hold on to your breakfasts because here’s the 10 most brutal hockey injuries of the last ten years. If Zednik’s cut on the neck was only #3, there’s some bad ones on here. (Puck Daddy)

While those were gruesome in a bad way, these fatal injuries are hilarious. That’s because the victim in all 25 deaths is South Park’s Kenny McCormick. (IGN)

After the jump, more women’s soccer violence, a pair of Jennifers, and the greatest mashup of all-time.

Fang’s Bites put up there list of the five women that can make you take your hand off the remote. Personally, I’d flip the list. (Fang’s Bites)

This could easily be the greatest TV/movie mashup ever created in the history of the world. (Five Minute Rule)

Last time, I linked you to the catfight that was a college women’s soccer game. This time, there was an all out brawl at a girls’ high school soccer game. Definitely going to bring it up on the radio show. (Unprofessional Foul)

I’ve seen a lot of things happen at sporting events but someone brushing their teeth would have to go down as the most unique. (Off The Post)

Let’s go back to hockey and throw a shout-out to CHRW alumnus Eliotte Friedman. He wrote a great article on the internal struggles and fighting in the NHLPA. (CBC Sports) Seriously, how did these guys even find media jobs? CHRW just isn’t as well thought of anymore.

Speaking of struggles and fighting, don’t get in the way of the University of Michigan athletic director. He will lay down the law. (Sports Illustrated)

There’s a big football game in Ontario on Saturday as Western hits the road to face Queens for the Yates Cup. The following week, they’ll likely face the powerhouse Laval Rouge et Or. Here’s a look at how Laval became the dominant force of the CIS. (University Affairs)

To celebrate the success of Paranormal Activity which was made on a $15,000 budget, here’s 10 other low budget movies worth a look-see. (Movie Line)

For today’s photo gallery, we have to turn to sad news. In a move to apparently make herself more relevant, Jenn Sterger will be losing her implants. In memory of them, here are 10 of her best moments. (Guyism)

More gratuitous Top Gear plugging. Here’s a 30 second promo for the upcoming season. It starts on Sunday, by the way.

Since today seems to be mostly about one hot Jennifer, let’s add another. Remember when everyone said that Jennifer Love Hewitt was getting fat? Well, let’s just say she’s trying everything to prove otherwise. I approve.

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