Wednesday Link-Off: Strolling On

Leading off today’s linkdump is Jennifer Love Hewitt. That being said, let’s ignore the craptacular movie whose premier she’s attending here.

They track stats of everything in baseball so it should come as no surprise that someone also tracks how long it takes a player to trot after a home run. One fighter dominates this category. (Wezen Ball)

How do you get fired from your teaching job in Mississippi? Get body slammed by a student. (Dr. Saturday)

Madison Square Garden is undergoing a retrofit soon. Some of the ideas are a bit out there, though. (New York Post)

After the jump, the Green Ranger steps into the cage, nine meals that can kill you, and car soccer.

The latest MMA superstar isn’t in the UFC. He’s on the minor show circuit. It’s the Green Ranger. (Burke Connection)

Rafael Nadal knows how to keep his sponsors happy. He’s getting more attention for wearing a watch than his play. That’s ROI. (Busted Racquet)

Like I said up top, they’ll track stats of anything in baseball. They keep so much info that scientists were able to conduct a proper study about sibling behaviour using MLB stats. (New York Times)

I’ll mention the World Cup again in a minute but for now, here’s Hyundai’s idea to promote this year event in South Africa. Maybe they should try building better cars instead of doing gimmicks. (Copyranter)

ESPN’s Chris Berman will be getting a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame but are there any other sports personalities that could earn their own star. (Guyism)

With all the hype about the Lost and 24 finales, the ending of one of my favourite shows, Law & Order, was overshadowed. (New York Times) The only consolation is that it will live on forever in syndication. If only we had TNT in Canada…

Looking to gain some weight to get on the Homer Simpson disability plan? Then these eight meals (and one dessert) are for you… And your arteries… Right until the bypass. (Consumerist)

Today’s first photo gallery comes hot off the heels of our history of Olympic mascots. It’s a look at the history of World Cup mascots. (Fast Company)

Today’s second photo gallery is a look through the crazy aisles of a Chinese Wal-Mart. They’ll rollback the prices on literally anything. (Buzz Feed)

A bunch of cats summarize the whole series of Lost in one minute. It probably makes more sense done this way.

Top Gear shows everyone how to market a car using soccer. Hell, this should be a proper sport.

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