Hotdogs of the World

I think we’ve gone over this before but I love to cook in my spare time. Despite that one misadventure on The Lowdown radio show, I’m actually okay at cooking. One of the things that I like doing during summer is barbecuing hot dogs. Now, a hot dog is simple enough but I like to kick it up a notch with some unique toppings so I’m always on the look out for new recipes and combinations to try.

Today, I have a collection of various popular hot dog toppings from around the world. I know I’ll be giving these a try next summer. Granted, I should keep them in mind for something to eat near Christmas.

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The Science of Grocery Shopping (Infographic)

If I’m not getting the usual fare at the grocery store, I often find it damn well near impossible to find things. For example, this weekend, I was looking for tomato paste. I would have thought it would be next to the crushed tomatoes (kinda necessary for sauce). Instead, it was down at the other end of the aisle next to the pasta sauce. I’m sure there was a reason for why some items in a grocery store are in a particular place. To find out, I found this handy infographic about the science of grocery shopping.

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The Encyclopedia of Pasta (Infographic)

When you go out to a restaurant, the menu really only has a few different types of pasta. They’re generally your basics like penne, spaghetti, gnocchi, ravioli and lasagna. If you grew up with an Italian family (of all Canadian citizens but still identify as Italian instead of Canadian), you would know that there are many, many, many more varieties of pasta besides your standard restaurant selections.

So to give you a little bit of help outside of the tutelage of an Italian home, we have this handy little absolutely massive infographic for your perusal that has over 150 varieties of pasta that even has cooking and sauce pairing advice.

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Super Bowl 49 Snack Time (Infographic)

I haven’t really paid much attention since my Lions were jobbed out of the playoffs by the refs, the NFL and Roger Goodell but the Super Bowl is this weekend. The Patriots and Seahawks will do battle in a game where most fans hope that both teams can find a way to lose.

One thing that will always happen regardless of which team you hate winning the Super Bowl is the parties. Many years ago, we had an infographic that showed the 50 million cases of beer that would be consumed during the Super Bowl. Today, we have an infographic that looks at the millions and millions of pounds of food that people will gorge themselves on during the Super Bowl.

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Sunday Link-Off: Food For Thought

andi-muise-fredericks13-07You know, the latter half of the week wasn’t nearly as good as the first half for links. Did the internet decide to shut down from Wednesday onwards? Anyway, we have links but it’ll be a bit shorter than usual. So let’s get started with Canadian model Andi Muise.

Are you habitual caffeine consumer? It could be hampering your creativity. So that’s my problem. (New Yorker)

Trying to expose Lance Armstrong as a drugs cheat was a dangerous occupation for anyone who wanted to make a living or not get sued into oblivion. (Columbia Sports Journalism)

Paula Deen has been dropped by Food Network after she admitted to being racist in the workplace. (Warming Glow)

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Sunday Link-Off: Wonderful Easter Time

irina-shayk-xti13-09You know, there aren’t many (maybe any) songs about Easter. What if Sir Paul McCartney did an Easter song? Would he do Wonderful Easter Time as the logical follow-up to Wonderful Christmastime? Anyway, let’s kick off this not even slightly Easter themed post with Irina Shayk.

Writer Jay Caspian Kang looks back at last year’s shooting at Oikos University and examines the effect that it had on various parties involved. (New York Times)

Nick D’Alosio just made $30 million by selling a story summarizing app to Yahoo. His Summly app condenses articles down to four “need-to-know” lines using a licensed algorithm to do so. Not only is the app apparently not that good, D’Alosio’s reputation in the tech community isn’t that great. (Gawker)

Meagan Marie is a community manager for Crystal Dynamics. She’s one of the seemingly few women working in a video games industry that’s often fairly regarded as sexist or misogynistic. When she wrote about some of the moronic and misogynistic things one so-called member of the gaming media said at PAX East, she heard from the rather unsavoury corners of the interweb. But she’s absolutely right in what she says and all gamers should read her blog post about it. (Meagan Marie)

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The Shelf Life of Food (Infographic)

I don’t know if you noticed but we’re pretty big fans of food around these parts. Who can blame us? Food, done well, tastes amazing.

Now, we’re always looking for new info and tips about food. That brings us to this infographic. If ever you’ve been unsure how long you can keep your food for, this handy infographic has the answer for you. Continue reading

The Best of Epic Meal Time (Part 2)

It’s been almost one year since we did the original best of Epic Meal Time so I thought now was a good time to look at the best of this year in EMT.  It’s no secret to regular readers that we’re big fans of food and cooking. But we’re nowhere near as big fans as the crew at Epic Meal Time. Their tales of cooking, drinking and gluttony are legendary (though divisive) throughout the internet. So today, we take a look at another set of the best episodes of EMT based on the number of views they’ve received. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: A Week at the Movies

jessica-chastain-gquk13-01Have you been reading Scott’s list of the Top 45 Movies of 2012? If you haven’t, you’re missing the most thorough breakdown of the year in movies that I’ve seen. Today, he’s dropping Part Three which covers #15 to #1. Therefore, I thought it was fitting to lead off this linkdump with actress Jessica Chastain.

Blue Brothers is one of the all-time great comedies. This oral history looks at how the movie almost never got made. (Vanity Fair)

If comedies aren’t your speed, maybe you’d rather read about Ben and Matt got their big breaks with Good Will Hunting. (Boston Magazine)

Okay, so Notre Dame got hilariously beaten by Alabama for the BCS Championship. My question is whether they even deserved to be there. After Penn State was nearly sanctioned out of existence for the Jerry Sandusky affair, the Notre Dame rape scandal was swept under the rug allowing them to get within one game of a national championship. (The Nation)

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Spend Your Christmas Dreaming of Epic Meals

Merry Christmas readers! I don’t know about the rest of you but the highlight of my Christmas is the big meal at the end of the day. What can I say? I’m a big fan of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, so on and so forth. So to get you in the mood for a big Christmas feast, here’s a collection of Epic Meal Time’s famous holiday feasts. Continue reading