Sunday Link-Off: Back to Canadian Politics

jessica-chastain-cannes16-02We’ve been focusing so much on American politics / that gong show they called a Presidential election that someones Canadian stories get pushed below the fold. Today, we’re leading with a bunch of stories that are relevant to Canadians.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick off with Jessica Chastain.

The CBC is in the news again over allegations of being an unhealthy workplace. (Yahoo News)

The Conservative Party tried making #ThankYouStephenHarper a thing. It didn’t go well. (CBC)

If you’re like most Canadians, you’re wages are going up slower than prices. (Huffington Post)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Rage Against the Machine

jessica-chastain-mtvmovieawards16-01It’s been a while since we’ve had a good theme running through a linkdump but today’s WLO features a bunch of links about people fighting back against the establishment. A lot of older people see that as millennials being entitled but isn’t it just everyone acting differently than previous generations because they have access to information that no other generation had to make their decisions?

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Jessica Chastain.

Access to information is changing how people think and act in the social media age. For example, access to info and social media is what is causing people to turn against Hilary and her repeated controversies. (Baltimore Sun)

All hell broke lose at the Nevada Democratic Convention as tensions rise between Bernie supporters and the DNC establishment. (The Hill)

A US Senate report on torture was “mistakenly” nearly destroyed. What a shame that would have been for the CIA and its watchdog group in the Senate. (Yahoo News)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Live Long and Prosper

jessica-chastain-oscars15-01Don’t change the channel but it’s Steve in for Jackie with this week’s edition of the entertainment links. I’m not sure that this was a week that I really wanted to take over. Well, when Jackie get in touch on Wednesday, it wasn’t a problem. But I don’t think anyone was expecting all of the Oscar talk to suddenly be made completely irrelevant with the death of the legendary Leonard Nimoy. I thought this weekend’s links would be Oscars and that damn dress and then some news just smacks you upside the head out of nowhere.

But regardless of what sad news there was this week, there’s still a set of links to do. Since the Oscars were last weekend, let’s start with a photo from there. Here’s Jessica Chastain.

After the jump, a Leonard Nimoy obituary, some Oscars fallout, that damn dress and the unreality of reality TV.

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Wednesday Link-Off: The News Behind the News

jessica-chastain-amy-adams-goldenglobes15-01Just when I thought that all we’d be talking about the Golden Globes, the folks at Canadaland broke another major Canadian media story at the CBC. This is the sort of thing that I wanted to do with my life. Instead, I work a white-collar job and my life has no direction. Sorry, I’m watching Parks & Rec while I’m writing and that came up in this week’s episode.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. For something special, let’s start off with a two-for-one deal. Here are Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams.

You can’t really say CBC without putting scandal beside it these days. Once again, it’s Canadaland with the story. In this case, the CBC is the bad guy as they allowed star Amanda Lang to run interference with a story about RBC using foreign workers. (Canadaland)

To make matters worse, Canadaland says that Lang was romantically involved with an RBC board member while trying to spike that story. (Canadaland)

The CBC came out on the offensive with a denial that the Canadaland story is true. (

So CBC reporter Kathy Tomlinson allowed Canadaland to put her name to the accusations about Lang and the CBC’s conflict of interest in this matter. (Canadaland)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Who Do You Trust?

A little bit of science and a little bit of actual observation allows you to reach a valuable conclusion: Is there anybody in the world that we can really trust? Sure, there are a few people that we can rely on but the people we really need like government and elected officials? Sometimes I’m not so sure. Some of today’s links don’t fill me with much optimism.

And on that semi-depressing note, it’s Wednesday so let’s do the links. Here’s Jessica Chastain.

Canadian workers are facing the toughest economic circumstances and least worker-sympathetic government since the 1930s. (Counterpunch)

Not happy with that characterization of the government? How about calling them an anti-democracy government? They aren’t answering the Opposition’s questions in the House of Commons and the Conservative speaker doesn’t care. (MacLean’s)

We might disagree about the cause of global warming but the facts are that the world is getting warming. For example, this past August was the hottest on record. (American Geophysical Union)

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MIFF2014: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her

the disappearance of eleanor rigby 1It’s rather bizarre not to see a Beatles track sneak into “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby”, an interesting film that looks into a deteriorating relationship from the perspective of both parties involved. This feature debut from Ned Benson is actually two films shown back to back subtitled Her and Him respectively. While the order of the presentation may vary depending on which screening you attend, the one at the Melbourne International Film Festival kicked it off with Her followed by Him. In addition to the ambitious storytelling, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby is anchored by solid performances from the leads Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy. In addition, the supporting characters ranging from Bill Hader’s comedic touch to Isabelle Huppert’s fun portrayal of Eleanor’s chain-smoking wine guzzling mum surely helps this film move along its lengthy runtime. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: A Week at the Movies

jessica-chastain-gquk13-01Have you been reading Scott’s list of the Top 45 Movies of 2012? If you haven’t, you’re missing the most thorough breakdown of the year in movies that I’ve seen. Today, he’s dropping Part Three which covers #15 to #1. Therefore, I thought it was fitting to lead off this linkdump with actress Jessica Chastain.

Blue Brothers is one of the all-time great comedies. This oral history looks at how the movie almost never got made. (Vanity Fair)

If comedies aren’t your speed, maybe you’d rather read about Ben and Matt got their big breaks with Good Will Hunting. (Boston Magazine)

Okay, so Notre Dame got hilariously beaten by Alabama for the BCS Championship. My question is whether they even deserved to be there. After Penn State was nearly sanctioned out of existence for the Jerry Sandusky affair, the Notre Dame rape scandal was swept under the rug allowing them to get within one game of a national championship. (The Nation)

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