Wednesday Link-Off: Quick Hits

Tomorrow and Friday is review day this week. We’ll have a couple of Game of Thrones reviews. One will be the TV show review that’s on Fridays of Ice and Fire. Tomorrow, it’s a look at Episode Three of Telltale’s Game of Thrones game. Maybe it should have been Game of Thrones week here on the blog. Mind you, we’d probably get a lot of hits if we did daily GoT content during the season.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do Wednesday’s links. Continuing our photos from Cannes, here’s Irina Shayk.

The Baltimore riots weren’t really about one person dying in police custody. It was the result of an ongoing pattern of police violence that we’ve seen in the news time and time again. (Rolling Stone)

Bad news for America’s political right. Americans are starting to lean back to the left and are more open about identifying as liberals. While President Obama might have started this trend, he won’t be around to reap the benefits. (Washington Post)

Not helping matters for the GOP is that a former Republican Senator has some pretty damning things to say about the party’s legal challenge to Obamacare. (The New Republic)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The World (Cup) is Not Enough

irina-shayk-twinset14-07World Cup month is finally over and the whole world can move on so we can forget about the billions of dollars wasted by the Brazilian government… Well, that’s until we talk about the billions of dollars wasted by the Brazilian government on the 2016 Summer Olympics. And just wait until we have to deal with the Qatar World Cup of 2022.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to today’s links than the World Cup. But let’s keep with a quasi-soccer theme with Irina Shayk.

Canadian government staffers have been deleting Canadian government staffers from Wikipedia. Gee, what are they hiding and who are they hiding it for? (Vice)

The FCC has been so inundated with comments about the future of net neutrality that it’s repeatedly crashed their website and forced them to extend the comment period. (PC Magazine)

NASA thinks that we’ll find other life in the universe inside the next 20 years. That would be pretty cool. (CBS)

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Sunday Link-Off: A Different Take

irina-shayk-gqrussia13-01Well, it looks like today will be a busy writing day for me. I have a Formula One post to write for tomorrow. There’s a gaming journalism column that’s probably going to be shorter than I’d like but I’ll try to do it well. Not to mention that I have a couple of reviews that I want up this week.

First, though, it’s time for me to put together the Sunday set of links. Let’s kick this one off with Irina Shayk.

Russia might be very much anti-homosexual but Patrick Burke, founder of You Can Play, says that Russia’s laws don’t mean that countries should punish their athletes by forcing a boycott of the Sochi Olympics. (BuzzFeed)

Bill O’Reilly is saying ridiculous things again. In other news, the sun rose this morning. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes used facts to explain why O’Reilly is wrong. (Mediaite)

Michael Malice takes a rare look inside North Korea and brings back real stories of the people there. (Reason)

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Sunday Link-Off: Wonderful Easter Time

irina-shayk-xti13-09You know, there aren’t many (maybe any) songs about Easter. What if Sir Paul McCartney did an Easter song? Would he do Wonderful Easter Time as the logical follow-up to Wonderful Christmastime? Anyway, let’s kick off this not even slightly Easter themed post with Irina Shayk.

Writer Jay Caspian Kang looks back at last year’s shooting at Oikos University and examines the effect that it had on various parties involved. (New York Times)

Nick D’Alosio just made $30 million by selling a story summarizing app to Yahoo. His Summly app condenses articles down to four “need-to-know” lines using a licensed algorithm to do so. Not only is the app apparently not that good, D’Alosio’s reputation in the tech community isn’t that great. (Gawker)

Meagan Marie is a community manager for Crystal Dynamics. She’s one of the seemingly few women working in a video games industry that’s often fairly regarded as sexist or misogynistic. When she wrote about some of the moronic and misogynistic things one so-called member of the gaming media said at PAX East, she heard from the rather unsavoury corners of the interweb. But she’s absolutely right in what she says and all gamers should read her blog post about it. (Meagan Marie)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Too Legit To Quit

I have to give Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin credit for inspiring the post’s title. However, he’s not too legit to quit. He’s just too oblivious to quit. Anyway, let’s change pace for a moment and start with Irina Shayk.

Mitt Romney thinks the Democrats are making a mountain over a molehill when it comes to his income taxes. However, he has a history of lying to the public about his taxes. (The Raw Story)

The Romney/Ryan campaign is taking Obama to task for shifting money from Medicare to Obamacare cutting Medicare. However, their plan for “saving Medicare” won’t do seniors any good as they plan on raising the eligibility age. (Think Progress)

Let’s break up the action with a Chinese political scandal. What goes for a Chinese political scandal, you ask? Photos leaked of high-ranking Communist Party officials having an orgy. (Gawker)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Newsbeat

Today’s link-off is filled with news links. In addition to that news is the news that Irina Shayk is still one of the top models in the world.

Only Toronto mayor Rob Ford could make things worse than just threatening to beat a reporter. Now he’s saying ridiculous things on his radio show. (Metro News)

In other news media news, the Associated Press issued an apology that was nearly 70 years in the making. They apologized to a reporter who they fired for reporting that the Germans had surrendered at the end of World War II. (NPR)

The Phoenix Coyotes may actually finally be sold. However, if you live in the city of Glendale, home to the Coyotes, you’re getting a raw deal. (Sportsnet)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Headlines

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. Normally I wouldn’t complain about a week going by too quickly but this week is just ridiculous. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so wrapped up in the 2012 Hottest Canadian competition. Anyway, here’s Irina Shayk. And for once let’s avoid the obvious “And speaking of ridiculous” jokes that I ten to make.

There is lots of info that we do know about the murder of Trayvon Martin but what is fact and what is rumour accepted as fact? (Miami Herald)

To use one of his own catchphrases in his honour, Jason Whitlock does the damn thing in comparing George Zimmerman to OJ Simpson and the effect that the 24-hour news cycle has played in each story. (Fox Sports)

Speaking of OJ, a private investigator is releasing a book in which he proves that OJ was not only not guilty but innocent of murder (yes, there’s a distinction there). (With Leather)

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Early SI Swimsuit 2013 Cover Odds

Next year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover odds bring us to a milestone in the history of the issue. The 2013 issue will be the 50th edition of the famed SI Swimsuit Issue. The first edition was printed in 1964 with Babette March making her first and only appearance on the cover. In the history of the Swimsuit Issue, 40 models have graced the cover.

Continuing with our annual tradition of Swimsuit Issue prognostication, today we take the official unofficial early look at who will make the cover of next year’s SI Swimsuit issue. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: A Great Return

Well, our guess at who would cover the SI Swimsuit issue was wrong. To make up for it, here’s cover girl Irina Shayk.

You hear all about how sites like The Huffington Post and Bleacher Report use search engine optimization to draw large numbers of visitors but did you know that the worst perpetrator of SEO is actually JC Penney? (New York Times)

Another AJ Daulerio profile. I don’t know if  you’ve heard but the editor of Deadspin is kind of a big deal. (Philly)

Did you hear about the man whose Audi was frozen in a block of ice thanks to a water main break? One car dealer gave him a free car for his troubles. (Jalopnik)

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SI Swimsuit 2011 Cover Odds

One of the great perks that comes with a Sports Illustrated subscription is getting the mid-winter classic known as the SI Swimsuit Issue. Last summer, models were secretly whisked off to tropical locales all over the world and photographed in complete secrecy… Well, at least when Twitter and Facebook didn’t give us sneak peaks of what to expect. Anyway, shrouded in even more secrecy is the identity of the magazine’s cover model. Being the SI Swimsuit cover model is probably the highest honour that can be bestowed on a model. It comes with instant celebrity, international recognition, a blogosphere presence for life and a blown-up copy of your cover in the studio of a certain SI-associated nationally syndicated radio/TV show hosted from Connecticut.

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