Sunday Link-Off: Food For Thought

andi-muise-fredericks13-07You know, the latter half of the week wasn’t nearly as good as the first half for links. Did the internet decide to shut down from Wednesday onwards? Anyway, we have links but it’ll be a bit shorter than usual. So let’s get started with Canadian model Andi Muise.

Are you habitual caffeine consumer? It could be hampering your creativity. So that’s my problem. (New Yorker)

Trying to expose Lance Armstrong as a drugs cheat was a dangerous occupation for anyone who wanted to make a living or not get sued into oblivion. (Columbia Sports Journalism)

Paula Deen has been dropped by Food Network after she admitted to being racist in the workplace. (Warming Glow)

Good-ish news, beer drinkers: Beer bellies are a myth. (Time)

The Iron Sheik’s managers have taken to IndieGoGo to fund a documentary on the former world champ. Respect the legend or he’ll make you humble. (Vice)

ThatGameCompany, who made our 2012 Game of the Year, Journey, nearly closed up shop because their funding dried up between releasing Journey and when revenue came in months later because of how the sales model works. (Edge Magazine)

The original lead writer of the Mass Effect series, Drew Karpyshyn, told friend of the blog Video Game Sophistry what his original plans for the ending were. (et geekera)

Twitter god Rob Delaney has his own board game based on his popular Twitter feed. Should you buy it? (The Gameological Society)

The Daily Beast has named their best of the interwebs, if you’re interested. (Beast Best)

Apparently it’s a bit deal that Captain Crunch’s outfit isn’t that of a captain. (Food Beast)

Epic Meal Time did another ode to the motherland with their Canadian Lasagna.

Watch fast food clerks get freaked out by a simple money changing magic trick.


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