Sunday Link-Off: Common Sense Prevailing

andi-muise-fredericks13-07It’s the last link-off of the Google Reader era. What am I going to do without it? I basically rely on it to help run my blogging pseudo-empire. Well, I’m boned. In the meantime, here’s our pre-Canada Day linkdump. We have our usual Canada Day fare tomorrow with the F1 recap and analysis on Tuesday.

So let’s start off our day before Canada Day post with Canadian model Andi Muise.

Texas governor Rick Perry is just the worst. He thinks filibustering god Wendy Davis should support a near ban on abortions in Texas because she was a teenage mother. What a fool. (Think Progress)

Rather than allow general trolling, two major newspapers used a new commenting system  to categorize the people commenting on stories about gay marriage. (Nieman Lab)

Pandora might be great for us as music lovers but it doesn’t pay to have your music on there. (The Trichordist)

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Sunday Link-Off: Food For Thought

andi-muise-fredericks13-07You know, the latter half of the week wasn’t nearly as good as the first half for links. Did the internet decide to shut down from Wednesday onwards? Anyway, we have links but it’ll be a bit shorter than usual. So let’s get started with Canadian model Andi Muise.

Are you habitual caffeine consumer? It could be hampering your creativity. So that’s my problem. (New Yorker)

Trying to expose Lance Armstrong as a drugs cheat was a dangerous occupation for anyone who wanted to make a living or not get sued into oblivion. (Columbia Sports Journalism)

Paula Deen has been dropped by Food Network after she admitted to being racist in the workplace. (Warming Glow)

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Sunday Link-Off: Fact Check

I tried something new with the last linkdump and am doing this same this time out. It’s just a subtle reordering of links. The same sort of content there but now news comes ahead of sports. Anyway, let’s kick off with Canadian model Andi Muise. See, somethings don’t change.

Mitt Romney says he’s going to turn America around and save the middle class. But how the hell is he going to do that if he slashes Amtrak funding and won’t give the middle class a tax cut? (Huffington Post)

The Romney/Ryan campaign are also claiming that Obama is destroying Medicare while they’ll save it. ABC has done some fact checking and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re stretching the truth and talking out of their asses. (ABC News)

The NHLPA made their first CBA proposal last week. What does it actually say and what does it mean for ongoing negotiations? (Sportsnet)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Still Standing

On Sunday, we featured Canadian model Kim Cloutier. Today, we have another Canadian model, Andi Muise. You can’t say that we don’t produce some great talent in the Great White North.

Do you have to be smart to win Jeopardy or can you teach yourself to win? One of Jeopardy’s all-time greats, Roger Craig, shared his secret prep methods. (Esquire)

Canada is a great nation in space. We have the Canadarm up there and now we have the first Lego man is space. (Toronto Star)

While SOPA and PIPA want to kill piracy in America, it is playing a vital role in the world. There are some things that would be lost for all of time if pirates hadn’t kept them alive. (Technologizer)

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