The Largest Factories in the World (Infographic)

If you want to make something big or a big number of something, you’re going to need a big factory to do so. Not all factories are created equally, though. Even some of the world’s biggest manufacturers and manufacturers of some massive goods have factories that pale in comparison to the size of the world’s biggest factories. So who owns the biggest factories in the world and what do they make? This infographic holds the answers.

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The Science of Grocery Shopping (Infographic)

If I’m not getting the usual fare at the grocery store, I often find it damn well near impossible to find things. For example, this weekend, I was looking for tomato paste. I would have thought it would be next to the crushed tomatoes (kinda necessary for sauce). Instead, it was down at the other end of the aisle next to the pasta sauce. I’m sure there was a reason for why some items in a grocery store are in a particular place. To find out, I found this handy infographic about the science of grocery shopping.

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Sunday Link-Off: Snowfall

kate-upton-express14-01I suppose I could complain about the state of the weather right now but I’m not in Buffalo so I can still get out my front door. For all the whiteouts, terrible roads and couple of feet of snow in a week, it’s not a patch on Buffalo. Small miracles, I suppose. I’m really starting to hate climate change. Can we have global warming back?

Anyway, it’s time for the Sunday set of links. Since I haven’t featured her on the blog for a while, here’s Kate Upton.

I think I’ve mentioned before about how people try to out do people with over the top reaction. Here’s a look at social media’s descent into grief porn. (Gawker)

With Canada having just seen a “beloved” public figure have their public image shattered by reality, America is no going through the same with Bill Cosby. And while the Toronto Star had two reporters on Ghomeshi, the Washington Post had 13 cover Cosby. (Washington Post)

Before that article went up, I was going to mention that TV stations were already abandoning Cosby. (Variety)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Two Sides to Every Border

emily-ratajkowski-oceandrive14-02There are lots of big news stories on both sides of the border. In Canada, Tim Horton’s is going to become quasi-American which is worse than us burning down the White House. Meanwhile America is still going through problems with police and media dealing with black men, especially when it comes to Ferguson, Missouri.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s start with the return of Emily Ratajkowski.

The New York Times’ article about Michael Brown and their portrayal of him in said article shows the problem with how black men are portrayed by the American media. (Mic)

While Deadspin looks into police killing data, D. Brian Burghart has already attempted to do so himself. He’s found it quite hard to gather objective data but has come up with a few conclusions that should surprise no one. (Gawker)

We all have this romanticized vision of the undercover cop and spy. However, the sentiment isn’t so romantic when you’re the one being had by an undercover cop. Here’s the tale of an undercover cop who walked out on his fake family. (The New Yorker)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Canada Day Hangover

anais-pouliot-urbanoutfitters14-16Well, I was able to scramble together the usual Canada Day post on the blog. I had to do it at the expense of the IndyCar recap so expect that later in the week. I’m thinking it’ll be on Friday so there’ll be room for the usual F1 Power Rankings on Thursday. And hopefully I can pull that all off without adding more grey to my hair.

Anyway, it’s the day after Canada Day so to ease you back into the week, I have some lovely links for you. But first, let’s start with the lovely Anais Pouliot.

A new document leak from Edward Snowden says that all but four countries are subject to NSA surveillance. Those four countries are Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For once, I don’t think you can blame Canada. (End the Lie)

Did you know that Facebook has been playing around with your newsfeed to manipulate your mood? It might be legal but, like most Facebook doings, it’s shady. (The Atlantic)

I don’t know if this officially qualifies as an irony but the co-founders of Tinder, an app designed to facilitate hook-ups and one night stands, are being sued for sexual harassment. (BuzzFeed)

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The Evolution of Famous Logos (Infographic)

We’re all used to the various logos that we see all around us every day but if you were around only 25 years ago, the world would look much different. I’m not talking about the advancement of technology over that time. Even the most iconic of brands have undergone extensive changes in brand design since their launch.

To illustrate this point, we have a handy infographic for you to study.

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The Economics of Steam Trading Cards and the Steam Wallet

steam-trading-cards-headerIt’s been six months since Steam introduced their Trading Cards. When they first launched, I was utterly confused as to why anyone would be interested in virtual trading cards that had no purpose and no value. It just seemed like a way for Valve to make some money that no one would buy into.

However, having just completed the Steam Holiday Sale, it’s readily apparent that Valve has hit a home run with the Trading Cards. It’s not just the transaction fees that are making Valve money. The spin-off effect from Trading Cards does just as much to make Steam even more profitable.

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