Rise of the Machines (Infographic)

Back in the day, the idea of robots and automated machinery taking jobs from blue-collar workers was a major political issue. Where does the advancement of technology become so great that it impacts workers and the economy? Then you go all the way to Star Trek where physical labour is basically beneath the Federation. We’re getting closer to that than we are to eliminating technology.

So what jobs will AI eventually replace and what type of work is AI best and worst positioned to take over? We have a handy infographic for your perusal on just that subject.

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Google’s Hidden Games (Infographic)

Everyone’s been a little bored at work sometimes. The number of times I’ve seen people doing Sporcle quizzes to pass the time has proven that. However, your timekillers at work aren’t limited to quizzes and social media. Google has quite a few proper games that you can play right in your browser. Some of the best and how to get to them is in this handy infographic.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Merry Christmas (Eve)

nina-agdal-leonisa14-27Sometimes being a game reviewer is a thankless job. Right now I’m playing an indie game that I was actually looking forward to and finding out all sorts of issues like controls and AI lunacy that make the game’s boss fights border on the impossible. 

Anyway, twas the morn before Christmas and all through the blog,
Steve was setting up a rhyme that was a proper log.

That was a shit joke because that my attempts at poetry often end very, very badly. So let’s just skip my bad attempts at utilizing the English language. It’s time for the links. Here’s Nina Agdal.

Bad news! New Canadian digital piracy laws come into effect on January 2nd. Get your downloading done now. Then get that anonymous torrent downloading thing. Tribler? Something like that. (Vice)

After eight days of deliberations, the jury in the Luka Magnotta trial found him guilty of the first-degree murder of Jun Lin. (CBC News)

Sam Biddle, who discovered the original infamous tweet, details his first face-to-face meeting with Justine Sacco, the woman who rose to Twitter infamy when tweeting an AIDS “joke” before getting on a flight. (Gawker)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Sick Leave

alessandra-ambrosio-lui14-05So I thought I was getting over that little flu or whatever I had this weekend and I started Monday by eating half a piece of toast and losing my breakfast. I think that actually helped me get better because it’s been steady improvement since then. If only the winter weather was so cooperative.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and I’m under the weather so it’s time for some abbreviated links. Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio.

Bill Cosby was recently accused of sexual assault. Interviews with him are getting awkward now. (NPR)

Are the Republicans using Twitter to get around muddy election laws? (CNN)

And the Republicans are looking to change the electoral college in order to swing as many votes to the GOP’s side. (Think Progress)

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Sunday Link-Off: Wonderful Easter Time

irina-shayk-xti13-09You know, there aren’t many (maybe any) songs about Easter. What if Sir Paul McCartney did an Easter song? Would he do Wonderful Easter Time as the logical follow-up to Wonderful Christmastime? Anyway, let’s kick off this not even slightly Easter themed post with Irina Shayk.

Writer Jay Caspian Kang looks back at last year’s shooting at Oikos University and examines the effect that it had on various parties involved. (New York Times)

Nick D’Alosio just made $30 million by selling a story summarizing app to Yahoo. His Summly app condenses articles down to four “need-to-know” lines using a licensed algorithm to do so. Not only is the app apparently not that good, D’Alosio’s reputation in the tech community isn’t that great. (Gawker)

Meagan Marie is a community manager for Crystal Dynamics. She’s one of the seemingly few women working in a video games industry that’s often fairly regarded as sexist or misogynistic. When she wrote about some of the moronic and misogynistic things one so-called member of the gaming media said at PAX East, she heard from the rather unsavoury corners of the interweb. But she’s absolutely right in what she says and all gamers should read her blog post about it. (Meagan Marie)

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