The Best of Epic Meal Time (Part 2)

It’s been almost one year since we did the original best of Epic Meal Time so I thought now was a good time to look at the best of this year in EMT.  It’s no secret to regular readers that we’re big fans of food and cooking. But we’re nowhere near as big fans as the crew at Epic Meal Time. Their tales of cooking, drinking and gluttony are legendary (though divisive) throughout the internet. So today, we take a look at another set of the best episodes of EMT based on the number of views they’ve received. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: A Week at the Movies

jessica-chastain-gquk13-01Have you been reading Scott’s list of the Top 45 Movies of 2012? If you haven’t, you’re missing the most thorough breakdown of the year in movies that I’ve seen. Today, he’s dropping Part Three which covers #15 to #1. Therefore, I thought it was fitting to lead off this linkdump with actress Jessica Chastain.

Blue Brothers is one of the all-time great comedies. This oral history looks at how the movie almost never got made. (Vanity Fair)

If comedies aren’t your speed, maybe you’d rather read about Ben and Matt got their big breaks with Good Will Hunting. (Boston Magazine)

Okay, so Notre Dame got hilariously beaten by Alabama for the BCS Championship. My question is whether they even deserved to be there. After Penn State was nearly sanctioned out of existence for the Jerry Sandusky affair, the Notre Dame rape scandal was swept under the rug allowing them to get within one game of a national championship. (The Nation)

After the jump, did Dalhousie women’s hockey get screwed out of a season, Tony Bourdain vs. Travel Channel and a montage of montage. Continue reading

Spend Your Christmas Dreaming of Epic Meals

Merry Christmas readers! I don’t know about the rest of you but the highlight of my Christmas is the big meal at the end of the day. What can I say? I’m a big fan of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, so on and so forth. So to get you in the mood for a big Christmas feast, here’s a collection of Epic Meal Time’s famous holiday feasts. Continue reading

Man Lab Kitchen: Grey Cup Appetizers

The Man Lab Kitchen is open for big sporting events too. While the Grey Cup might be unheard of in America, in Canada, it’s a pretty big deal. No, it doesn’t have the same big parties as the Super Bowl but that doesn’t mean that we don’t throw a bash at Lowdown HQ. So today, the Kitchen previews some of the things that’ll be part of our Grey Cup spread. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: It All Comes Down To Tuesday

Before we get to the links, I have a quick programming note. The Wednesday Link-Off will be pushed back to Thursday so we can link to election analysis that isn’t written at 2 AM on November 7. Today, though, the show goes on as usual. So lets kick this off with Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

Rather than look at the usual polls or Nate Silver’s 538 summary, let’s look at a useful poll. Here’s a poll about polls and what voters think about other people’s votes. (Upworthy)

Can you make Mitt Romney’s tax plan add up? All you have to do is solve the $480 billion gap to make is all balance. (Washington Post)

Are you up to date on all the Obama conspiracy theories? Read through them, have a laugh and remember that voting Republican is a vote for people who think that these theories are true. (Mother Jones)

After the jump, election endorsements, a food critic’s take on Guy Fieri’s new restaurant and what Republican leaders really think about Mitt Romney. Continue reading

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day (Infographic)

With school starting this week for Canadian students (from elementary through university), it’s important to remind everyone of the importance of how you start the day. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I didn’t believe it until I read some of the science behind that old adage. It turns out that breakfast will make you both smarter and healthier than if you skip it.

For this and more facts about breakfast, we have a handy infographic for your perusal. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Put Out The Flame, The Party’s Over

The Olympics end today with the closing ceremony. I’d like to say that I’m looking forward to it but the musical line-up makes me think the mute button will be close at hand. Anyway, let’s start off with Canadian bronze medal winning women’s soccer player Kaylyn Kyle.

Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential nominee. Both the Republicans and Democrats are excited about this because Ryan is a right-wing ultra-conservative nut job. (The New Republic)

Toronto Star columnist Damien Cox thinks we shouldn’t complain about the Canadian women’s soccer team getting jobbed by a ref. He also only watched the first 35 minutes of the game so his opinion is not based on any sort of fact. (Deadspin)

Speaking of not basing statements on facts, NBC Olympics supremo Dick Ebersol thinks there’s nothing wrong with how NBC is covering the Olympics. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, the worst countries in the Olympics, a possible massive OHL controversy and more Call Me Maybe (sorry about that). Continue reading