The Encyclopedia of Pasta (Infographic)

When you go out to a restaurant, the menu really only has a few different types of pasta. They’re generally your basics like penne, spaghetti, gnocchi, ravioli and lasagna. If you grew up with an Italian family (of all Canadian citizens but still identify as Italian instead of Canadian), you would know that there are many, many, many more varieties of pasta besides your standard restaurant selections.

So to give you a little bit of help outside of the tutelage of an Italian home, we have this handy little absolutely massive infographic for your perusal that has over 150 varieties of pasta that even has cooking and sauce pairing advice.

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Epic Meal Time – Masta Pasta

It’s been three months since we’ve seen an episode of Epic Meal Time so epic that we felt compelled to post it. This week’s episode of EMT is Italian food just the way my grandmother used to make it. There’s way too much there and she kept piling food onto our empty plates while we tried to get her to stop. But unlike the EMT crew, she didn’t use bacon, Jack Daniels, Chef Boyardee and more for an absolutely epic Italian pasta feast. Continue reading