Sunday Link-Off: Super Sunday

It’s not just any Sunday today. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. That means we’re going to waste over ten hours watching pre-game, actual game, halftime and post-game coverage of a football game. It all seems to be a bit of a waste, doesn’t it? Anyway, let’s kick off the links with alleged former NFL WAG Kate Upton. She almost admitted to having that fling with Sanchez. We’ll all have the last laugh because he’ll be out of the league when his contract with the Jets expires.

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, why not feature a breakdown of which championship trophies are the best. (GQ)

Daulerio may have left Deadspin but that doesn’t mean his contributing his classic Daulerio-esque stories after the fact. This week, he brought us the tale of one of Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s mistresses. (Deadspin)

The US would like to remind you that they’ve declared themselves supreme rulers of the internet. They’ve spent the last week shutting down sports streaming websites. (Sports Grid)

After the jump, more on the Super Bowl, a look at horrible reality TV and Bill Murray does Letterman while wearing a Giants jersey.

Tim Tebow appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday. He also met Chrissy Teigen and the aforementioned Kate Upton. I’m surprised the internet didn’t explode from the group photo. (The Big Lead)

What if NFL team names were actually honest? They’d be a bit like this. (These Fries Are Good)

Having a Super Bowl party today? Here’s how the seating will be arranged whether you plan it that way or not. (Tauntr)

Film CritHULK penned an open letter to NBC explaining how cancelling Community might make short-term economic sense now but would help destroy the brand they’ve built and kill them for years to come. (Badass Digest)

The finale of the Food Network’s celebrity cooking challenge was last weekend. Given how the rest of the series went, it wasn’t a surprise that the finale was a laughably contrived and rigged joke. (Grantland)

And speaking of bad reality shows, here’s the reality TV venn diagram. (The High Definite)

Do you know what the most popular online newspaper in the world is? The answer may surprise you. (Slate)

A man has been documenting his reading of the Twilight books. Now, he’s reached the infamous sex chapter of Breaking Dawn and completely loses his shit. (Buzznet)

Leave it to the French. A French map company has convinced the courts that Google Maps is anti-competitive and will start charging for use once traditional map companies are driven out of business. What the fuck is wrong with these people? (Boing Boing)

Sooner or later, we’re going to have a Facebook IPO. But will the regulators need to get involved to hold Facebook to some semblance of rules when it comes to their operations. (Economist)

Today’s photo gallery is a visual guide to football penalties featuring the ring girls of the UFC. (The Chive)

Bill Murray (AKA Cuz) was in rare form as he went on Letterman for his 30th anniversary celebration week.

It only seems appropriate to have a rap video today. It’s a rap battle between a 17-year-old white kid and his poetry reading English teacher. What resulted is the best and most entertaining massacre in recorded history. Go Mr. Grist!


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