Sunday Link-Off: Four Seasons And A Netflix Revival?

It’s a holiday weekend here in Canada. SUCKERS! Okay, next weekend, the shoe’s on the other foot. For now: SUCKERS! Anyway, in honour of the Canadian holiday, here’s Canadian model Alyssah Ali.

Bad news! NBC has turfed Dan Harmon from his post as showrunner of Community. Alan Sepinwall looks at how this will affect the show. (HitFix) So should we change the official hashtag to #FourSeasonsAndANetflixRevival?

Jose Canseco is trying to make a comeback using Twitter and minor league baseball. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the current life of Jose Canseco. (Sportsnet Magazine)

Good news! BioWare is bringing back the crew of the Normandy to do voice-over work on the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC. (G4 TV)

After the jump, Drew Magary tries to turn Justin Bieber into a man, a sneak peek at Unreal Engine 4 and the best of Booker Corrigan.

Deadspin writer Drew Magary was given a simple assignment: Do a profile on Justin Bieber and turn him into a man. Magary only accomplished one of those. (GQ)

Oh, and there were outtakes that GQ and Bieber’s people cut from that original story. (GQ)

Right, so more Community stuff. Here’s a ranking of all 68 episodes of the show so far. (Warming Glow) #FourSeasonsAndANetflixRevival

The Facebook IPO came out last Friday. Some eight years ago, the newspapers of America tried to figure out what the deal with Facebook was. Here’s a look back on the growing pains of Facebook trying to enter the mainstream world. (The Atlantic)

An engineer wants to build the USS Enterprise. Good luck with that. (Gamma Squad)

Who’s the top wrestler on the American independent wrestling theme? A Quebecois man who goes by the ring name Mr. Wrestling. (The Classical)

In a similar vein, Kurt Busch seems to have started a feud with Ryan Newman at last Saturday’s NASCAR Southern 500. And his colourful choice of language probably started a feud with everyone else. (Sports Grid)

All these years later, Puddy is still the most famous Devils fan in the world. (Wall Street Journal)

Let’s do some video game links to close out. Unreal’s Unreal Engine 4 has been shown to developers and will soon be shown to the public. And it looks like it will change everything. (Wired)

Best Diablo 3 review ever? Best Diablo 3 review ever. (Calm Down Tom)

Sony is coming out with their own version of Super Smash Brothers and it’s not looking too bad. (Kotaku)

Speaking of classic Sony characters, here’s a look at the evolution of concept drawings of Spyro the Dragon. (The Animation Academy)

Okay, here’s a photo gallery to close out. It’s Top Gear magazine’s attempt to make their own Delta Wing race car. (Top Gear)

Remember high school lacrosse play-by-play man Booker Corrigan? He’s back with a “best of” compilation.

Eat your heart out Epic Meal Time. It’s the Fuck You Pizza from Pizza Hut.

In honour of his four game suspension for throwing his helmet at an umpire, here’s a tribute video to the Toronto Blue Jays’ Brett Laurie.

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