Wednesday Link-Off: Too Legit To Quit

I have to give Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin credit for inspiring the post’s title. However, he’s not too legit to quit. He’s just too oblivious to quit. Anyway, let’s change pace for a moment and start with Irina Shayk.

Mitt Romney thinks the Democrats are making a mountain over a molehill when it comes to his income taxes. However, he has a history of lying to the public about his taxes. (The Raw Story)

The Romney/Ryan campaign is taking Obama to task for shifting money from Medicare to Obamacare cutting Medicare. However, their plan for “saving Medicare” won’t do seniors any good as they plan on raising the eligibility age. (Think Progress)

Let’s break up the action with a Chinese political scandal. What goes for a Chinese political scandal, you ask? Photos leaked of high-ranking Communist Party officials having an orgy. (Gawker)

After the jump, Todd Akin isn’t alone in his backwards beliefs, NBC goes big (presumably before the network goes home for good) and Bill Ghostbustin-Ass Murray. Continue reading


Sunday Link-Off: The Answers

Welcome back to the Sunday links. We skipped the Wednesday Link-Off because we were busy covering E3 and the Canadian Grand Prix. To make up for that, here’s Missy Peregrym who was one of the final four in our 2012 Hottest Canadian tournament.

There are few rules we hold ourselves to here. One of those is to feature any good article featuring Bill Murray. That includes this Q&A. (Esquire)

The CEO of Business Insider thinks that the digital revolution could hurt the TV industry just as much as print media. (Business Insider)

Many big college sports programs are accused of ignoring the “student” part of student-athlete. One of the examples of that is Memphis football player Dasmine Cathey who is being gifted an adequate education by the college so he can play football. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

After the jump, how not to apologize for being a bad journalist, the numbers behind Star Trek’s red shirts and a look inside an F1 car. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Super Sunday

It’s not just any Sunday today. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. That means we’re going to waste over ten hours watching pre-game, actual game, halftime and post-game coverage of a football game. It all seems to be a bit of a waste, doesn’t it? Anyway, let’s kick off the links with alleged former NFL WAG Kate Upton. She almost admitted to having that fling with Sanchez. We’ll all have the last laugh because he’ll be out of the league when his contract with the Jets expires.

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, why not feature a breakdown of which championship trophies are the best. (GQ)

Daulerio may have left Deadspin but that doesn’t mean his contributing his classic Daulerio-esque stories after the fact. This week, he brought us the tale of one of Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s mistresses. (Deadspin)

The US would like to remind you that they’ve declared themselves supreme rulers of the internet. They’ve spent the last week shutting down sports streaming websites. (Sports Grid)

After the jump, more on the Super Bowl, a look at horrible reality TV and Bill Murray does Letterman while wearing a Giants jersey. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Golden

Minka Kelly was at the People’s Choice Awards last week. Easy to see how she could be a people’s choice.

The story of golden-voiced homeless man Ted Williams is one that everyone seems to have gotten behind. It’s provided us some good journalism and stories but some excuse for media exploitation. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Ever think about writing your own sitcom. Well, if you have, or just want to know about the thinking that goes into writing your favourite sitcom, here’s a look at how they write the show’s most important scene: The one where the attractive female lead ends up topless. (McSweeney)

A man in Virginia fought the DMV over a hilarious personalized licence plate but the DMV won. Here’s his story of how he came up with the plate and his battle with easily offended people. (Jalopnik)

After the jump, behind the scenes of the Winter Classic, some good life advice and how books can save your life. Continue reading