Worst of Music: Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin’

Over the last 72 or so hours, Madonna has played the Super Bowl halftime show and released a new single. It’s only appropriate that I give her latest comeback the recognition it deserves. That’s why the winner of this week’s Worst of Music award is Madonna with her new single Give Me All Your Luvin’. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Super Sunday

It’s not just any Sunday today. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. That means we’re going to waste over ten hours watching pre-game, actual game, halftime and post-game coverage of a football game. It all seems to be a bit of a waste, doesn’t it? Anyway, let’s kick off the links with alleged former NFL WAG Kate Upton. She almost admitted to having that fling with Sanchez. We’ll all have the last laugh because he’ll be out of the league when his contract with the Jets expires.

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, why not feature a breakdown of which championship trophies are the best. (GQ)

Daulerio may have left Deadspin but that doesn’t mean his contributing his classic Daulerio-esque stories after the fact. This week, he brought us the tale of one of Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s mistresses. (Deadspin)

The US would like to remind you that they’ve declared themselves supreme rulers of the internet. They’ve spent the last week shutting down sports streaming websites. (Sports Grid)

After the jump, more on the Super Bowl, a look at horrible reality TV and Bill Murray does Letterman while wearing a Giants jersey. Continue reading

The Super Bowl and Beer (Infographic)

There aren’t many party days bigger than Super Bowl Sunday. There are big parties, vast quantities of food eaten and, of course, even more vast quantities of alcohol drunk. For the football fan, beer is the beverage of choice. Approximately 50 million cases of beer (for about 1,200,000,000 bottles/cans of beer) will be consumed on Sunday.

For a breakdown of what will be drunk and how much will be spent (among other interesting tidbits), we have an infographic about beer and the Super Bowl after the jump. Continue reading

46 Musical Acts Rejected Before Madonna For Super Bowl XLVI

It wasn’t without controversy that the latest act in the post-Wardrobe Malfunction era of Super Bowl halftime shows was Madonna. She’s never been the most wholesome person in the world but now that she’s well past 50, she’s not only relatively harmless compared to the past, she’s relative irrelevant. However, the NFL went through a long list of performers before finally settling on Madonna as the best option for the Super Bowl.

After the jump, we have all 46 proposed act for the Super Bowl XLVI half-time show and why they were dropped. Continue reading